I want to return my product, what do I do?

Three’s a crowd, so that relationship is strictly between you and the merchant. If the merchant agrees to a refund (in accordance with their terms and conditions), then the merchant will reverse your order and the money you have already paid will automatically be refunded to your bank account.

 Please note that Payflex is not a part of merchant operations, so we are not involved in product delivery, cancellations, or returns. We are only made aware of refunds, cancellations, and returns once the merchant has processed them on their side. Be aware that the merchant may also decline the return and/or a refund in line with their returns policy. 

Until refunds, cancellations, and returns are processed by the merchant, we require our clients to continue paying instalments. This is to avoid penalty fees and a negative credit rating with Payflex. 

Once your cancellation/return/refund has been processed by the merchant, you will be reimbursed for everything you have paid to date on the bank card that you used to make the original purchase. If the return is less than the total order amount, your instalments will be adjusted accordingly.