Are there other circumstances that could lead to the non-payment of a claim?

No benefit will be paid for claims arising from:

• War, invasions or civil war.
• Acts of terrorism.
• Strikes, riots or civil commotion.
• Atomic energy and/or nuclear fission or reaction.
• Aerial sports an air travel (other than an ordinary passenger on a licensed passenger aeroplane).
• Participation in hazardous activities including but not limited to racing driving.
• Active participation in criminal activity.
• Wilful exposure to danger, intentional self-inflicted injuries, attempted suicide or suicide.
• Being under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs (unless where such drugs have been prescribed and
taken in accordance with the instructions of a medical practitioner).
• Use of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons or radioactive contamination.
• Attacks on or sabotage of facilities and storage depots that lead to the release of radioactivity or nuclear,
biological or chemical warfare agents.
• Refusal of medical treatment where such treatment will improve the disability or illness resulting in a