Grooming Gifts for Men: Ideas to Glow Him Up

Buying grooming gifts for men can be complex. You definitely don’t want to send the wrong message, which may just lose you a decades-long friendship. “Here, Steve, have this lifetime-guaranteed whitening toothbrush and fancy floss set,” is tricky territory. In addition, how does one choose which grooming gifts to purchase, considering the sheer variety of brands and products on the market? We’re here to help make your shopping journey seamless. First, let’s dive into the value and meaning of men’s grooming gifts.

Why Grooming Gifts for Men are Valuable 

Even rugged and salt-of-the-earth kind of guys could find a thoughtfully chosen and niche grooming gift special. At the very least, it may kickstart their sprucing-up routine. In any case, gone are the days when beauty, skin-care and grooming were only a woman’s domain.

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Personal care

Let’s face it, clean and soft skin, newly-shaped mustaches, and waxed ears make one feel good. And in turn this boosts confidence, increases self-esteem and encourages a dedicated self-care practice.  Feeling pampered boosts a person’s ability to love others.

Hey handsome!

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder and of course, is never only skin deep, you can add sparkle to your true soul through good grooming habits. High quality skincare and haircare items, and beautiful shaving kits are tools for men to maintain a polished appearance. In turn, feeling confident, handsome and valuable is sure to have positive knock-on effects.

Personal expression

That earthy eau de cologne? The musk shaving cream? These are often personal expressions of personality and style. Grooming products offer a multitude of ‘finishes’ and textures, enabling that special man in your life to customise their grooming routine. And, if you know what he likes, then personalising a grooming gift box is an extra special touch.

Let’s get practical

Sometimes one just needs a good shave, or a moisturising facial in the dead of Winter. Grooming gifts are just so practical and can be used on a daily basis. This may be particularly important for the engineer or electrician in your life.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Grooming Gifts for Men

Grooming routines depend on personal preferences, skin and hair types. The question to ask is what grooming routine best suits the person’s life.

Here are some considerations

Skin Type:

Different men have varying skin types, such as oily, dry, sensitive, or combination skin. For sensitive skin, consider buying products that are gentle and have hypoallergenic ingredients. For oily skin, mattifying products help control excess oil to avoid unwanted breakouts.


If a person travels frequently, consider portable, and travel-sized grooming gifts. If they are active sportspeople, sweat-resistant or ‘active lifestyle’ products would be well-received.  Tailoring the gift to their specific lifestyle can show thoughtfulness.


We can’t escape the effect that grooming products may have on the environment. When picking out a grooming gift, check whether its cruelty-free. Extra features could include biodegradable packaging, and organic ingredients.

Inspiring Grooming Gifts for Men

Skincare products include moisturisers, cleansers, serums and grooming kits tailored to a person’s skin type.

Payflex’s partner stores have an amazing range of skincare gifts for me. Try LeLive’s serum treatments. 

What’s nice about LeLive is that you can shop for products according to skin type, active ingredient, and the product’s main benefit, such as ‘plump’ and ‘revitalise’. If you’re looking for cleansers and moisturisers, try Beauty on Tapp. This partner store has great grooming gift ideas for men, and has a bonus online “skin consultant”.

Beard and mustache care includes accessories, oils, balms and beard care kits.

Beard and mustaches are the fashion statement of the 21st century. Sourdough bread bakeries and farm-to-table restaurants go well with the look. But beard and mustaches can become unwieldy. That lumberjack hipster in your life would definitely need quality beard oil.

We’ve also given a detailed review of the best grooming kits and beard trimmers. Head there for extra inspiration.

Haircare products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair grooming accessories and styling products

For a range of quality haircare products, be sure to browse Payflex’s partner stores. RetailBox.Co.Za caters to every hair type and includes a wide array of hair grooming accessories and styling products. If you’re looking for fancy hair extensions, try Front Row.

Body grooming essentials like washes, grooming tools, colognes and grooming subscription boxes.

Before soap was invented, people didn’t bathe very often. Thank goodness for clever water engineers and (mostly) functioning infrastructure. Now, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to body washes and the like. But instead of shopping in those intimidating bath and body shopping aisles, why not try bespoke creams and washes made out of natural ingredients? These products also have a strong ‘personal-touch’ vibe.

On that note, what’s nice about a shop like Eden Perfumes is that you can determine what fragrance is suitable. Ingredients, notes and top brand name categories will narrow your choice for that perfect gift.

If you want to research fragrance and cologne options a bit further, check out our blog: Men’s Fragrance Brands That Are Simply Scent-sensational!

Budget all the way

Grooming gifts for him needn’t create fine lines and wrinkles. You can usually shop by price range.  And often, buying a jam-packed grooming set works out to have better value for money in the long run.

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