Fewer Hangups, More Hangouts! Buy a Phone Online At These Stores

Listen – we’re not ashamed to admit that we cannot live without our phones. Who can? In this age, it’s an essential tool for work, socialising, and – now, this is topical – online shopping. But buying a new phone can be a real hangup. Long queues and spotty customer service can ruin your day, and who has the time to go to the mall anymore? Thankfully, the tech age has also gifted us with the ability to buy a phone online.

Where do you even begin that kind of journey, though? Well, it all depends on what you’re looking for. The Payflex store directory boasts tons of merchants who stock different kinds of phones, for all kinds of budgets. Whether you’re looking for a secondhand cell or the latest and greatest tech, Payflex has what you’re looking for!

Apple fans – buy your next phone online here!

Time to herd up the iSheep…just kidding! Apple tech products are renowned for user-friendly interfaces and super-sleek design. iPhone users are loud and proud about the elegance of their machines, and why not? They’re fabulous cell phones. You know what else is great? You can buy your next Apple phone online!

The Payflex store directory is stuffed full of Apple merchants. The most important of these, obviously, is the Apple iStore itself. That’s right – you can shop the latest iDrop from the comfort of your living room. No need to step outside and jostle with the crowds. You can shop everything that the iStore has to offer right at home.

You can also shop for iPhones from Incredible Connection if you prefer. For the budget-conscious, you can also shop certified secondhand iPhones from iStore Pre-Owned. The store stocks a wide range of past iPhone generations, so you can easily replace the phone that you know and love or simply shop for a quality iPhone at a lower price.

Hello, Payflex calling!

When a flexible payment solution calls, you should answer! Especially when it comes to purchasing big-ticket items like cell phones. Phone shopping can put a huge burden on the budget, especially when you want (and deserve) nothing less than the best.

Don’t get hung up on the price point. When you check out with Payflex Pay Later, you can have your new phone delivered ASAP and pay for it in four instalments over six weeks. No in-store queues, no complicated contracts, and – here’s the best part – no interest.

Go on. Buy yourself the latest iPhone with Pay Later. You can do it without breaking the bank and, more importantly, you deserve it.

Singing Samsung’s praises: buy your new phone online!

Samsung continues to battle Apple and Google for the top spot in smartphone design, and they’re putting up a real good fight. But this article is not about who makes the best smartphone. That’s a conversation for another time. This article is about where you can buy your next Samsung phone online. Focus, people!

Incredible Connection offers the widest range of the latest Samsung phones on the market. If you’re looking for a brand-new phone to buy online, then that’s your best bet. What’s more, is that Incredible Connection often offers its shoppers exclusive online deals. So, not only are you skipping queues, but you’re also getting a good deal out of it! We told you online shopping is where it’s at.

You can also purchase brand-new, unsealed Samsung phones from Mobitronics. JK Phones also stocks an extensive range of the latest Samsung phones. However, if it’s a secondhand Samsung you’re on the hunt for, then you’ll want to check out certified pre-owned tech experts Rebox Tech. Buying a smartphone on a smart budget is a smart idea, after all.

When the only way is Huawei…

…then we’ve got the merchants you’re looking for to buy your Huawei phone online. The best places to go are JK Phones, which stocks a respectable collection of Huawei phones, and TechnoMobi, which stocks a wide range of Huawei products from cell phones to smartwatches.


In this day and age, owning a phone is non-negotiable. But your payment plan doesn’t have to be that inflexible. Check out with Payflex and say hello to a flexible payment solution that splits your purchases into four, easy, interest-free instalments over six weeks. The only thing better than buying a phone online is buying a phone online with Payflex! This is shopping.