Father’s Day: Our Selection of Gifts for the Gadget Dads Out There!

Usually, dads are pretty easy to please when it comes to the gift-giving department. You could get him the usual bottle of whiskey & biltong hamper or socks and some hankies or laugh at his corny dad jokes, which should keep him happy for a bit. So, why does it feel like the ultimate mission impossible when it’s time to shop for a great gift for gadget dads, especially with Father’s Day coming up, 19 June to be exact? We have a hunch that it has to do with the fact that he always claims he already has everything he needs, but you don’t have to settle for second best because, at Payflex, you can get him that unique gift to show your appreciation.

Father’s Day Gadgets

Light Up His Life With Added Power

Show him the light this Father’s Day with the TROIKA Power Bank with a LED Reading Light is every reason to help him chill out during load shedding or on camping trips. Thanks to this power pack, your gadget dad can keep on moving with a fully charged tablet and smartphone, no more tricky situations. It has 2 USB outputs, a micro USB output, 24 AWG, Apple Lightning, and a micro-USB connection, ensuring maximum connectivity. The 15-lumen reading lamp additionally lasts for around 20 hours. So dad will never be left in the dark again!


Stylish Golf-Gadget Dad

The Shot Scope V3 is an advanced, stylish, lightweight GPS watch packed with info to plot his course decision-making skills on the golf course. The Scope’s ID tags, coupled with the Power-Sense strap, allow V3 to automatically track every shot you hit on the golf course. V3 also includes the distances to greens (available in yards or meters) and hazards along the way. With this nifty golf gadget, dad can upload, post, and analyse over 100 statistics on his game, including his Strokes Gained analytics making it a must having for golfing dads this Father’s Day.


A Mighty Pen for a Mighty Man

Surprise Office Dad this Father’s Day with this unique gift. A smartpen takes his handwritten notes, drawings, and even audio recordings and uploads them to your computer or smartphone. With this pen, he can take notes and already have a backup copy. They make it easy to store ideas, avoid losing important notes and reduce clutter. Dad will be able to save time when he writes by hand and instantly has a digital file. He can save his notes as Word Docs or images or transcribe them to a Google Docs text file. This particular one can also be used as a mini phone that can sync contacts, receive phone calls, get music from a Bluetooth device, and wirelessly control playback. 


Drone On This Father’s Day

Has your dad ever piloted a drone? No problem! Even if he’s new to drones, he can pull out his phone and fly with the control system. He will quickly learn impressive manoeuvres by effortlessly tossing the drone into the air. These quadcopters are packed with fantastic features such as performing flying stunts in 360-degree aerial flips and catching all on the built-in camera. In addition, the intelligent flight mode gives him the option to code and program his own flight paths. This DJI drone is rated one of the best. They’re smart, reliable, affordable, and definitely a great gift this Father’s Day.


Everything Is Affordable This Father’s Day!

So, fear not—no buying your pop another boring gift this Father’s Day. Payflex makes it affordable to easily focus on something he will not only love but, more importantly, use. So, go ahead and shop now with the very best leading brands this Father’s Day. At Payflex, everything is affordable with our buy now and pay later policy!