The Best Fitness Electronics & Gadgets for 2021 and 2022

New year, new you! As much as this age-old saying plays like a broken record, there’s nothing like a change of season and year to motivate and inspire us to set new goals and become the best versions of ourselves. However, there’s no time like the present, right? With spring finally here, change is in the air and people are beginning to emerge from the pile of blankets they’ve been under all winter. Why wait for next year to set some fitness goals when you can start today with help from the latest fitness electronics and gadgets?


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Lockdown regulations may be unpredictable, but at least you know you’ll have no excuse not to exercise with these gadgets and electronics:

A treadmill

Investing in a treadmill might seem unnecessary. After all, the gym is filled with them! But getting your own treadmill means you can run, jog or walk at any time you feel like. Fancy a 5 am run? You can do it in the comfort of your living room. How about an 8 pm jog? Done and done!

Shua T9119A Home Treadmill – R12990.00

Fitness tracker electronics

A fitness tracker will help you to monitor your heart rate, the number of steps you take, your timing, and even the amount of water you consume. It will help you set goals and keep track of your progress as you work towards reaching those goals. Plus they never fail to look cool on anyone wearing them!

Fitbit Versa 3 Black – R4999.00

An abdominal bench

Take bench-pressing to a whole new level with an at-home abdominal bench. Ad workouts are never comfortable, but the results are worth it. By committing and sticking to a certain few times each week, you’ll be ready to hit the beach with full confidence in no time!


Indoor bike electronics

Just like the treadmill, an indoor bike is a staple for a seamless home gym experience. Another advantage of having an indoor bike is being able to cycle while watching your favourite series. Just hop on the bike and the soothing repetitive motion will soon fade out of your focus, allowing you to enjoy a bit of Netflix and chill totally guilt-free!

Express Spin Two/Bike – R8999.00

A rower

Row, row, row your boat…all the way to the top! A rowing machine works the lower body, upper body and core muscles all at once. Get the toned, sculpted physique you’ve always wanted and at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

Impulse Air Rower (HSR005) – R13705.00


Ready to level up your fitness and exercise routine? With Payflex, you can get everything you need in one go. Thanks to Payflex’s flexible payment schedule, you can buy your electronics now and pay later, in 4 interest-free instalments over 6 weeks. Go ahead and smash those goals, then set new, even higher ones! Have fun and don’t forget to snap some pics for Instagram!