Gadget Galore: Cyber Monday Deals with Payflex

If there’s ever a great time to buy tech-related gadgets, it’s Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is the perfect day to grab tech goodies on a budget before the holiday shopping rush starts – but what exactly is it? Well, it’s the overlooked out-of-towner that sits in the shadow of Black Friday. And if gadgets and gizmos are your go-to, then you better not turn a blind eye. Don’t get caught on the hot heels of Black Friday sales. Otherwise, you might miss your chance to grab Cyber Monday deals by the horns and pay it off later with Payflex!

Why Should You Opt For Cyber Monday?

Monday is the new Friday, duh! Just kidding. But seriously, it’s one 0f the biggest shopping days of the year. That means it can come with downsides: like missing out on the best deals because another tech fanatic has been scouring the internet like a hawk for weeks. Or, you’ve jumped the gun a bit with your shopping list, and you’re afraid you can’t pay for it all up front.

What if we told you that Payflex could take care of those problems?

Payflex gives you the opportunity to Buy now and Pay later (BNPL). Perfect for Cyber Monday deals, you can take advantage of our 0% interest rates for up to 6 weeks. Just walk into your local tech store like a true-born digital native, pick up that new iPhone that you really want, and strut on home. Okay, maybe go to checkout first and choose Payflex as your payment method. That would work out better!

In addition, Payflex will help you find the best Cyber Monday deals that are the stuff of your digital dreams. Whether that be the new smart watches to track your trails or some crisp wireless earphones to get festive to your favourite tune.

5 Tips To Sniff Out The Best Cyber Monday Deals

1) Find your favourite brand and start an online account

Businesses offer exclusive deals to members. If you sign up for an account online, you’ll receive the deals before anyone else. Accounts also make it easier to check out when you have plenty of shopping. So go to your favourite brand and become a follower; you won’t regret it.

2) Be sure to download the store apps on your phone

If any stores on your list have mobile apps, go ahead and download shopping through the app. It will be more convenient because you won’t have to wait for the business’s website to load. Shops also make buying directly through an app even more accessible, so you only need to put your card details in once! From here on out, all you need to do is swipe a screen.

3) Shortlist those deals you can’t resist

Time is your enemy when it comes to winning Cyber Monday deals so make sure to pin all the best deals in one place. This saves you the hassle of navigating back to an epic deal.

4) Digitise your wallet

Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are payment apps that let you pay for things quickly and securely. Armed with futuristic features like fingerprint recognition and facial ID, you’ll be able to make payments quicker than ever and shop on the go!

5) VPN – A Very Pressing Notion

Shopping on public WiFi networks is risky business. To protect yourself from unauthorized charges and hackers, download a VPN. Purchase without the worry of Cyberhackers.


As the end of the year draws near, items like laptops and tablets become a great gift idea-for someone else or yourself! Cyber Monday is around the corner, so sales and special promotions are coming in hot. We’re guessing you are probably dreaming about the idea of being able to walk out the door with a new TV or new computer piece of gadgetry. With Payflex, you can pay for all your goodies up front and pay for them later. Four monthly installments. Six-week period. Zero interest. So grab the best Cyber Monday deals now, and experience the power of Payflex.