Mobile Hacks for Finding Epic Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday is almost upon us. According to research, about 66% of Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases were made from mobile devices, with this figure likely to increase this year. If you’re like most of us, you’ve already made a wish list, set your alerts and signed up for the usual promotional newsletters. But did you know there are a few mobile-only hacks you can use to beat the crowds and find top-notch Cyber Monday deals? Take a closer look with Payflex at how to master Cyber Monday from the comfort of your mobile device.

Mobile-friendly Hacks for Finding Cyber Monday Deals Online

Create online accounts at your favourite stores beforehand

Often businesses offer exclusive deals and promotions to customers who have memberships or accounts. Signing up and creating an online account will boost your chances of snagging some incredible “members-only” bargains. It will also help save you time on the day when you want to check out your goods.

Download store apps on your phone

If any stores on your list have mobile apps, go ahead and download them. You’ll be able to shop directly through the app, which means you’ll be avoiding any lagging load times on the business’s website. Generally speaking, shops also make it even easier to purchase directly through an app so you won’t need to input your card details each time you want to purchase.

Bookmark high-potency Cyber Monday deals

Most online businesses these days do have an app, but if they don’t, never fear. You can still easily access the deals you want by bookmarking them on your phone. Trust us, opening up your device to the exact page you want compared to 3 or 4 rounds of clicking makes a difference. Time is of the essence on Cyber Monday, after all!

Set up a mobile wallet

A great thing about mobile shopping is being able to shop on the go. Make sure you can shop Cyber Monday deals no matter where you are by setting up a mobile wallet. Payment apps like ApplePay and SamsungPay can make payment processing faster and even more secure through fingerprint and facial ID recognition.

Install a VPN on your cellphone

Don’t forget that you’re more vulnerable to hacks if you’re shopping on a public Wi-Fi network. To protect yourself against potential hackers it’s a good idea to download a VPN to your cellphone. A VPN secures and encrypts your data and IP address so you can shop without worrying about your connection security.

Get ready for Cyber Monday 2022!

Remember, the more you prepare, the more successful your Cyber Monday will be. Check out Payflex’s store directory to discover what Cyber Monday deals are heating up at our participating stores. Have fun and go grab some amazing bargains!