5 Creative Toys for Kids that Inspire Imaginative Play

We’re all navigating the new normal which (let’s face it) consists of our kids being at home a lot more than before. Sitting in front of the tv all day is an easy habit for kids to fall into, but it’s not healthy or educational. As parents, we want to make sure they’re still developing their creativity and critical thinking while at home. Creative toys for children are the perfect solution for getting them to use their imagination while also giving them a break from a screen. Find out what toys are ideal for creative play for children below.

Sensory Creative Toys for Kids

If you have very little ones, sensory toys are fantastic for stimulating awareness and cognitive development. Let them touch, squeeze, press, and hold toys to produce visual and audio results. Not only is this fun, but it also engages with their cognitive and reasoning abilities.

Goldfish Goldie Activity Toy – R199.00

Gabi Giraffe Activity Toy -R169.00


What could inspire a child’s imagination more than spending time creating miniature worlds inside a playhouse? Playhouses let children construct and act out events from day-to-day life within a safe and fun space.

Kidsy Modular Play House – 13 Piece – R899.00

Kidsy Modular Play House – 26 Piece – R1599.00

Science-based Creative Toys for Kids

For kids that are a little older, science toys are great for encouraging their curiosity and wonder about the world around them. Make sure they always follow the instructions on the packet though! It’s also good to keep an eye on them to ensure they don’t spill anything on the living room carpet.

Magnoidz Litmus Paper Science Kit -R169.00

Magnoidz Galileo Thermometer Science Kit – R169.00


Puzzles are classic brain-teaser toys for kids that stimulate creativity and critical thinking. There’s nothing quite like the peaceful silence that accompanies a child engrossed in a puzzle. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so finding an age-appropriate puzzle for your child won’t be a chore!

Moana Puzzle – Personalised – R140.00

Easter Puzzle 9PC – Personalised – R95.00

Pretend Play Creative Toys for Kids

Nothing can substitute good, old-fashioned toys for kids that require imagination to make them fun! Pretend-play toys allow children to combine their senses and creativity. This enables them to imagine themselves as pilots, bus drivers, store owners, and even superheroes!

Cash Register – R759.00

Dress Up Black Cape and Mask – R64.40

Scratch on the Road Car Transporter – R599.00


Keeping your kids entertained and stimulated doesn’t need to break the bank. Thanks to Payflex’s “buy now, pay later” policy, getting creative and inspiring children’s toys is…well…child’s play! All you need to do is buy your toy and choose the Payflex option at checkout, allowing you to pay it off in 4 interest-free installments over six weeks!