Catch Rays, Not Wrinkles: Quality Skincare Products You Need To Survive Summer

As South Africans, we don’t fantasise about snow-capped roofs and all the other stereotypes of a white Christmas. We fantasise about air-conditioning, granadilla lollies and sun hats with a little extra piece of fabric for the back of your neck. That’s all good and well, but imagine if you could enjoy that ice-cold lolly on the beach without worrying about the sun’s rays blistering down on your sensitive skin – ouch! Luckily, you don’t have to imagine it. Payflex has put together a survival guide of quality skincare products that are sure to do all the work to keep your skin healthy while you enjoy some much-needed holiday time.

Why Is Skincare So Crucial In The Summer Heat?

Summer sun, dry weather and a lack of quality skincare products all lead to one thing, dehydration. When your skin goes dry and flakey, and you feel like a petrified prune – you’re in desperate need of hydration!

When this happens, the skin cannot protect itself from environmental stimuli and, if left untreated, can lead to skin diseases such as eczema. Of course, at this stage, water should be your be-all and end-all. However, with quality skincare products, you can avoid the sun’s damage altogether.

3 Major Sun-Sent Side Effects


The obvious problem that comes to mind is sunburn; if you have been caught napping on the beach, you should know all about it. To steer clear of situations like that, you should apply at least SPF30 or more. Also, try not to fall asleep under the sun.

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Yep, the sun is so powerful that it can take you back to your hormonal teenage years. As you sweat under the savage heat, your pores begin to clog up, and that can cause some severe breakouts. If you like to work out, the effect can be even worse as your pores may get blocked by dirt and bacteria.

The significant part is that a daily scrub of some soothing facial cleansing foam will prevent any pimples from making an uninvited appearance!

Dry Skin

Beach bats and all the other kinds of fun in the sun are making us thirsty! It makes your skin plead for hydration, too, because it uses energy to keep you feeling cool. To prevent missing the summer evening sundowners because of heatstroke and peeling skin, be sure to stay hydrated and moisturised!

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There Is Still One Thing Hotter Than The Summer Heat

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Quality Skincare Products Are Quintessential

No matter your age, conscious skincare is vital. It’s more than just your appearance; it is your general well-being. Your skin is the biggest organ of your body, so it is essential that we develop a well-thought-out skin routine accompanied by only the best quality skincare products. At Payflex, we want you to shine and flourish this festive season.