Buy Now, Pay Later with Makro & Payflex

If you’re tired of waiting for payday to empty your online shopping cart or you feel like you have to wait for deals and specials to buy what you want, unlock buying power, now, with our amazing Payflex Makro partnership!

With Payflex, whether you’re shopping for groceries, electronics, furniture or anything else for your home or business, you can stock up on the products you need without the stress of immediate payments. So whenever you’re in the mood to spoil yourself or shop Makro’s amazing deals, you can buy the best goods from their wide online offering with the confidence and convenience Payflex’s Buy Now, Pay Later payment plan brings. So whatever you need, if it’s in Makro’s online store, it’s all accessible with our zero-free Makro Payflex payment option.

Unlocking Makro Shopping Benefits With Payflex

Enter a world of convenience and affordability with our game-changing Makro Payflex partnership. Whenever you’re in a Makro mood, our quick and simple zero-fee payment plan ensures you can enjoy your purchases now, with the convenience of completing your payment over 4 easy interest-free instalments across 6 weeks.

Transform the way you shop today with convenience, ease and affordability by shopping at Makro with Payflex, and enjoy the power of Buy Now, Pay Later with a few simple clicks. How? Don’t worry, it’s easy!

How to Use Payflex at Makro

Enjoy Makro’s magnificent deals, specials and assortment of products by making Payflex your go-to payment solution with these 3 simple steps.

  1. Once you’re done shopping Makro’s magnificent offerings and are ready to check out your goods, choose Payflex as your payment method.
  2. Then, register for a Payflex account with our fast and easy sign-up process. Once you’re approved, you’ll pay your first instalment and just like that, your order will be processed and prepared for delivery or collection.
  3. Finally, set your Payflex password and enjoy the power of buying now and paying later whenever you shop at Makro with Payflex!

Shop your must-have Makro goods with Payflex’s zero-fee, stress-free, budget-friendly payment plan today to buy and enjoy the items you want now, not later, with a payment solution that will help stretch your paycheck.

School shoes, toys, gym equipment, beauty products, bulk groceries, big screen TVs, whatever it is from Makro’s amazing online selection, if you want it, consider it sorted with the ease, convenience and buying power of our Makro Payflex partnership. Shop at Makro with Payflex today.

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