Boo! 10 Spooky Halloween Cocktail Ideas

What’s not to love about Halloween? The vampires, ghosts, ghouls, and the mounds of sweets. Ready to up your game? How about giving creative beverages as treats in exchange for daring tricks? In this blog, we look at the top 10 halloween cocktail ideas that would attract witches on broomsticks from far and wide. Let’s browse that drinks menu! 

10 spooky halloween cocktail ideas

Just like the variety of costumes you can wear, your imagination is the limit when it comes to halloween cocktail ideas. Why not start with our list of 10?

Bloody Mary Syringes 

These shooters are the perfect spooky halloween cocktail. No halloween party is complete without a little blood, right?

Poison Apple Cocktails 

These cocktails are a wicked twist on the classic apple martini. Serve them in black glasses for an extra eerie effect.

Sparkling Ginger Sangria 

 Bubbly prosecco makes this spooky cocktail oh-so-festive. Serve it in a cauldron-shaped punch bowl for an extra witchy touch.

Cherry Sidecar           

The cherry liqueur in this classic cocktail makes it just creepy enough for halloween. Serve it in a skull-shaped glass for an extra spooky effect.

Witch’s Heart

This whimsical cocktail is made with Viniq, vodka, and grenadine, and features mesmerising swirls of colour. Serve it in a cauldron-shaped glass for an extra witchy touch.

Black Magic Jelly Shots 

These spooky shots are made with black cherry jelly and vodka and are perfect for a halloween party. Serve them in test tubes.

Spicy Margarita 

This margarita gets its heat from jalapeño peppers. Serve it in a skull-shaped glass.

Witches’ Brew 

This fun and fruity cocktail is made with pineapple juice, orange juice, and blue curaçao. Serve it in a cauldron-shaped punch bowl.

Black Widow Cocktail 

This creepy cocktail is made with black vodka, cranberry juice, and orange liqueur. Serve it in a spiderweb-patterned glass.

Vampire’s Kiss 

This blood-red cocktail is made with raspberry liqueur and vodka. It’s perfect when served in a goblet-shaped glass.

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Step-by-Step Witches Brew

What’s a blog without a recipe? If you’re looking to try any of our Halloween cocktail ideas, we’d highly recommend the witchiest Witches Brew. Our recipe is enough for one cocktail.

Cocktail ingredients

1 tot of chilled apple brandy or apple vodka, 2 tots of homemade blackberry shimmery liqueur (see instructions below), 1 tsp grenadine, powdered dry ice (optional), martini glass to serve.

To make the blackberry shimmery liqueur:

Place one cup vodka in a tight-fitting glass jar.
Add 6 blackberries to the glass jar. Let this mixture infuse for up to 1 week for the best results.
After a week, let the jar sit in hot water (fully submerged) for 2 hours. Ensure the water stays hot throughout.
Let it cool down.
Strain the infused vodka into a different jar through a cheesecloth lined sieve. Discard the berries and do not push them through the sieve.
The vodka should be purple but not cloudy.
Add enough syrup to make it sweet to your taste.

Putting it all together – Witches Brew:

  • Add about 1/2 – 1 tsp of powdered dry ice to the bottom of the glass (optional).
  • Place the apple brandy and purple shimmery liqueur in a shaker. Add 1 ice cube and shake for a few seconds to chill the drink. Strain the drink into a martini glass. Top up with more purple shimmery liqueur if necessary.
  • Pour 1 tsp of grenadine syrup, about an inch from the surface of the drink – the grenadine should sink to the bottom, creating a “bleeding” effect.
  • Add about 1/2 tsp of powdered dry ice on top and serve with a stirrer, so that your guests can stir the “potion” to create that shimmery, smoky effect.

Step-by-step Vampire’s Kiss Mocktail

For those who prefer non-alcoholic treats, then this Vampire’s Kiss mocktail is sure to hit the spot. The best part? You’ll need only three ingredients!

or this Vampire Kiss Mocktail, you’ll only need 3 ingredients:

  • 1.8 litres of frozen cherry pomegranate juice concentrate (or any dark red flavour0
  • 4 litres of ginger ale
  • Ice cubes

Let the frozen concentrate thaw. Fill each cup with ginger ale. Fill non-surgical syringers with the thawed concentrate. Guests will then squeeze “blood” into their drinks.

In conclusion

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