Responsible Shopping 101: Don’t Lose Your Mind on Black Friday 2023

The most important day of the retail year is almost upon us. We’re talking about Black Friday, the day of deals, delight and (sometimes) disappointment. Every shopaholic has had Black Friday 2023 marked in their calendars since the beginning of the year, and with it only being a few weeks away, it’s time to discuss strategies and best practices for how to approach the day.

For most of us, we’ll be celebrating Black Friday from the comfort and convenience of our couches. While this has certainly made shopping more convenient, it’s also made it all too easy to overspend on Black Friday. Let’s face it, we’ve all made some regrettable purchase decisions in the past, so in the interest of keeping a cool head, it’s time to formulate a winning strategy for conquering Black Friday!

Black Friday 2023 Tips for Keeping Your Cool

Go In With a Game Plan

The first rule of Fight Club is…wait, hold on. The first rule of Black Friday is to go in with a game plan already formulated. There’s no time for idle window shopping, you’ve got to go in knowing what you want. Make a list of your essential Black Friday must-haves. Try to think in terms of the big picture here, and list things you either need or have always wanted. Now’s the time to get them! Don’t sweat the small stuff that you could easily get on a seasonal sale.

Know Your Spending Limits

Discounts get us all excited and while you might snag a great bargain on its own, grabbing too many deals in one go could leave you drowning in debt for items you don’t really need. Trust us, those jittery feelings of excitement that come with impulse purchases are not worth the stress afterwards! Be realistic about how much you can actually afford to spend on Black Friday and draw up a budget – then stick to it. Your bank account will thank you for it.

You’ve Got Options!

With your budget and list in hand, you’re nearly ready to start shopping. But hold on! Before you add anything to your shopping cart, make sure you’ve checked all your options to find the best bargain. Don’t assume that the discount on an item is significant just because it’s Black Friday.

Make a list of all the websites selling your item on Black Friday, and be sure to visit each one to find the deal worth your time. Sign up for their newsletters beforehand and follow them on social media to get exclusive access and sneak peeks to early bird offers and discounts.

Give Yourself Some Credit (as Long As You Can Afford It)

If you’re planning to make a large purchase, it can be worthwhile buying with credit, but that’s only if you’re able to comfortably pay it back at the end of the month. Keep in mind you’re not just paying the amount back, but the interest as well.

Don’t max out your credit card and avoid buying on credit if you already have existing debt you’re paying back. Payflex also offers a “Buy Now, Pay Later” option that allows shoppers to purchase items and pay them off in 4 interest-free instalments over 6 weeks! Check out the Payflex store directory to find some awesome Black Friday deals at participating stores.

Make Every Second Count when Shopping on Black Friday in 2023

Do your planning, come prepared and you’ll find yourself walking away with some amazing goodies at a fraction of the cost. Just remember to keep a clear head and focus on what you came to buy. Have fun doing your Black Friday prep and enjoy the day!