Become an Interest-Free Shopping Warrior

So you want to become an interest-free shopping ninja warrior, daniel son? COVID-19 (and its plethora of spin-off problems) makes keeping up with expenses difficult. Which is why it is so critical to avoid taking on even more debt if you can, especially when shopping. 

‘But how else am I supposed to get what I need now without using a credit card?’ You may be asking yourself.  Well, the answer is actually pretty simple: Interest-free shopping via alternative payment platforms like buy now pay later (BNPL). 

These interest-free shopping alternatives are experiencing a surge in popularity as shoppers seek viable alternatives to credit cards that offer flexibility, transparency and simplicity.


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Why credit card debt sucks 

Let us illustrate the problems with credit card debt. Because there’s nothing worse than feeling like your expenses are spiralling out of control.

Meet Dan. Dan is a 20-something millennial who has racked up R10 000 in credit card debt. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he is struggling to keep up with his repayments and is pretty strapped-for-cash right now. 

How does Dan respond? By getting a credit card from another bank to pay off his existing debt.  Soon, Dan finds himself drowning in debt. This is not a new story. In fact,  let us pause here and say, if this is your story, it’s a really common one.  In fact, recent research by Old Mutual found 36% of respondents have fallen behind on their credit card payments compared with 15% last year.
Similarly,  TransUnion’s Financial Hardship Survey in May, found  82% of consumers indicated their household income had been impacted, and on average, consumers who were impacted, expect they will be short by R7 542.90 when paying bills or loans. 

You may be wondering what will happen to Dan? Well, Dan will keep borrowing to keep servicing his debt and ultimately get blacklisted. This means his chances of being extended further lines of credit is highly unlikely.

Interest-free shopping alternatives

Gen Z and millennials like Dan are moving (more like running!) away from credit and into the arms of interest-free shopping solutions. They want commitment-free, seamless payment methods that promote responsible spending. In fact, 83% of consumers think brands should provide flexibility in payment options, according to research by Global Web Index. Flexible payment options like Payflex’ BNPL platform empowers consumers by letting people like Dan manage their own finances without having to use credit options that come with interest and other charges.


We hope you see how easy interest-free shopping is after this sensei dojo edition. For consumers seeking to avoid being tied to traditional credit, BNPL is a great way to shop.  And as more consumers (like Dan) realise the unpleasantness of debt, many more savvy, interest-free shoppers are expected to enter the fray. So, next time you’re (yes we’re talking to you!) considering pushing your finances over the edge with that new pair of heels you absolutely must-have for summer, rather consider payment solutions at checkout that offer flexibility and no interest. 

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