Back to Work Tips

Already time to go back to work? Why is it that the holidays always seem to go by in a flash? We all know that miserable, panicky feeling that often creeps into your gut even before you’ve even finished your holiday  reminding you that you’ll soon be returning to work. So as that blissful feeling of waking up without an alarm clock and the taste of that glorious Christmas meal start to feel like distant memories, we outline  10 tips to help ensure your reentry into the daily grind be as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

Schedule a buffer day

Even if you’ve had a holiday filled with rest, cocktails, and relaxation, the trip coming home is often enough to wipe you out. Give yourself the gift of a day between returning home and starting work to play catch-up and get settled and organised.

Dedicate the night before to your inbox

Trust us, you’ll thank us for this one. Wading through hundreds of emails after a holiday is the bane of everyone’s existence.  Just thinking about all that unread mail sitting in your inbox right now is probably giving you anxiety. To make returning to work easier, spend a couple of hours the night before going through your avalanche of mails to ensure you start the first day back on the right foot. 

The early bird catches the worm

The first day back in the office is notoriously brutal. Try to get in extra early so you can get a handle of everything you need to do and achieve in the coming days and weeks ahead. It’s also a chance to get organized and settled. Plus, don’t forget loads of coffee to get you through!

Personalise your workspace

Let’s face it. We spend A LOT of time at work. Whether you work from an office, or now from home,  we need to be at our best while at our desks to ensure we’re productive and happy.  According to the Association for Psychological Science, creating a more personal workspace has a direct impact on your mood. So, if your office space has been the subject of much neglect (think piles of loose papers & messy drawers)  consider doing a spring clean.  And if the only object on your desk is a sad and wilted pot plant,  add a much-loved photo (perhaps even a snap of your recent holiday), a fun notepad, and some items that are functional but also personalized to your unique style and taste. 

Make a back to work to-do list

A to-do list is absolutely key when returning back to work after a vacation and is vital for organizing your thoughts and making  you feel more prepared when you go to work. Write down what you need to accomplish in order of importance, starting off with the most pressing first. Don’t get lost in the details or sweat the small stuff. Only stick to the jobs with deadlines that are the most urgent. 

Make a little bit of your holiday part of your every day

You might be tempted to work yourself into the ground after your vacation. After all, you’ve had your time to relax. But this will probably end up backfiring. The best thing about being on holiday is we have more time to spend doing the things we love. Prioritize self-care and fill every day with small pleasures to make sure you don’t burn out too quickly. Having a quick lunch break, meeting up with friends,  doing an exercise class, or taking yourself off to the shops for half an hour will do you a world of good. 

Remember, the first day back at work  and the prospect of getting everything done in one go can be overwhelming. Take things one step at a time and don’t bite off more than you can chew. Wishing you luck for a calm and successful transition back to work (We’re sure you’re already planning your next holiday!).