Affordable treats when you've got to tighten your belt

Affordable treats when you’ve got to tighten your belt 

In the midst of an economic crunch, accessible, feel-good products are high on our priority lists.  From cosmetics to staycations, we outline 6 affordable treats when you have to tighten your belt.  With the economic  impact of COVID-19 putting disposable income under pressure, shoppers are feeling the pinch and holding off on buying big-ticket items like luxury clothing, overseas getaways, and furniture. However, history has shown that tough times ironically encourage shoppers to treat themselves.   

Self-care on the rise 

With people spending far more time at home, they are looking for ways that they can take care of themselves, resulting in a significant rise in sales in the self care industry. Research by McKinsey found that we’re buying more products that support our need for simple pleasures and self-care. 

In the US, Amazon sales in the US for nail-care and hair dye products are up 218% and 172% respectively. And Zalando, the largest e-commerce company in Europe, announced a jump of 300% over the previous year for these types of categories during confinements. 

The message, during this uncertain and challenging time: nourish your mind, body and soul by focusing on skin, body and hair treatments that make you feel good.  

Some great online merchants are selling everything you need to treat your body and skin. Check out Superbalist, Futurethis and Dermologica. 


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Staycations & Self-catering getaways 

With overseas travel off the cards for the foreseeable future, budget-friendly staycations and self-catering getaways are anticipated to be all the rage as soon as domestic travel is allowed.  As South Africans, we’re incredibly lucky that no matter where we live, there are tons of affordable getaways a short drive away.  And as the country emerges from lockdown, we anticipate there will be loads of great specials around. So, if you’re in need of a change of scenery (Most of us are after so many weeks in lockdown), start researching for the best option on sites including: AirBnBBooking.comSecret Getaway or Agoda  

  Accessories to transform any outfit 

Accessories are an amazing way to upgrade your wardrobe without investing in any new clothes. Furthermore, as winter sets in, layering with beautiful scarves or a distinctive mask, will make you feel and look good.  Checkout Chepa, colourbox, Superbalist and wrapt for incredible deals. 

But first, coffee 

For many of us coffee is not only a daily necessity, it is our saviour. It helps us get out of bed and get through the day. Therefore, whether you prefer to brew your own or grab a cup at your favourite neighbourhood establishment, giving ourselves that daily fix is an inexpensive, but essential indulgence.  Indulge away at coffeecapsuledirect

Spruce up your home 

Sprucing up our surroundings with decor items will go a long way to uplifting our moods and mindsets.  Improve your living or home office space by browsing Basketly, Laperle and Kita fragrances

Up your at-home fitness game 

We all know that exercising makes us feel better, not only from a weight loss perspective, but from a health perspective. And with many of us using our living rooms, bedrooms and outdoors spaces to exercise, investing in well-priced gym gear will go a long way to lifting your mood and make you feel even better while exercising.  Our in-home and outdoor fitness and sport merchants have never been busier. Get your heart pumping with the help of these game-changing stores: Golf Exchange (No excuses- there’s always time to practice your chipping and putting at home and for that you’ll need some balls and indoor putting gear), Sportsa, the Om Revolution, Rebel Elite Fitness,


The message is clear: Small joys have big appeal, especially during times when our cash flow is particularly stretched. Finding ways to treat ourselves to small indulgences during stressful times goes a long way to improving our mindsets.  To check out more online stores who all have affordable treats, visit our store directory.