Spiffy e-Commerce Email Marketing Tips To Skyrocket Seasonal Sales

For eCommerce merchants like you, email marketing is a powerful tool that can be wielded to get more juice out of your sales and conversion rates. However, many businesses struggle to create effective email marketing messages that will get customers clicking and buying. It’s tough to be a business owner – you’ve got to be an accountant, CEO, and marketing director!

Payflex is here to ease the burden. We’re offering you some hot, free email marketing tips and tricks to increase sales and conversions. Get out your notepads, because we’re about to deliver a masterclass!

How to boost sales using eCommerce email marketing? 

Does eCommerce email marketing even work? Yes, it does! But only if you use it right. To explain exactly why email marketing is an effective tool, let’s set up an analogy. 

Let’s say that your online store was a brick-and-mortar shop. Depending on how many products you offer, any potential customer who enters your store might be totally overwhelmed. To help combat this problem, stores use techniques like signposting to orient their customers and discount sales to entice them into making purchases. 

As an eCommerce merchant, your store is more URL than IRL. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use similar tactics to increase customer retention and convert those site visitors into shoppers. 

Some of the biggest challenges facing eCommerce merchants are high bounce rates and cart abandonment. Those are indicators that your site visitors are overwhelmed, underwhelmed, or frustrated. What if, instead of waiting for them to get to your site and feel like that, you delivered a customised list of relevant products directly into their inbox? 

That’s the equivalent of keeping a personalised inventory of items for your shoppers at the checkout till of your store so that all they have to do is pay and take home their items. Well, email marketing can be used to this effect. Used correctly, eCommerce email marketing can improve your shoppers’ experience, step up your customer service, and boost sales and conversion rates. We’ll tell you how.

But First – Are You Boosting Sales Through Your Payment Methods?

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Tips on how to use eCommerce email marketing to boost sales

So, you want to improve your customers’ shopping experience and increase your sales with email marketing? We’ve condensed an insightful guide to how to do this into four actionable tips. 

Tip 1: Build trust with transparency 

When you’re trying to get shoppers to subscribe to your email marketing newsletter, be honest about what you’re offering them. Readers want to know exactly what is going to be landing in their inbox, and how often they’re going to receive it.

You want to hit a sweet spot with your readers – you want to remind them of your business, but you don’t want to burden them with spam. That’s not what you want to be remembered for, is it? Tell them upfront how often they can expect to receive your newsletter and what kind of content you’re going to be delivering them. 

Tip 2: Signpost your newsletter on your website

Are you posting a signup link to your eCommerce email marketing newsletter at the very bottom of your landing page and crossing your fingers? You’re never going to win more subscribers that way!

The best way to ensure that you are getting site visitors to subscribe to your newsletter is to post multiple reminders for site visitors to opt into your mailing list. Be strategic about this placement, too. The “About Us” and “Blog” pages on a website are often the ones that attract the most traffic. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to be posting options to opt-in to your marketing emails at these locations on your site.

Plus, the people who are visiting your “About Us” and “Blog” pages are likely already interested in your store. That’s good news! Capitalise on this interest by generating pop-ups that include an option for your site visitors to subscribe to your mailing list – and maybe reward them for it…

Tip 3: Reward new subscribers

Welcome your new subscribers to the family! Don’t make the mistake of waiting before you send a welcome email to new subs. Send one immediately while your business is still fresh in their mind. Furthermore, make it sweeter by offering them a free gift (like an exclusive discount code!) right off the bat.

Tip 4: Get creative

eCommerce email marketing simply isn’t effective unless your copy is working hard. That includes everything from your subject lines to your Call To Action (CTA) button. Of all the hundreds of marketing emails that your readers could be receiving, how are you going to make your one stand out?

This is where clarity on the purpose of your eCommerce email marketing sequence comes in handy. Are you trying to step up your customer service, boost conversions, or increase your open rate? Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, you should adjust your copy accordingly and use innovative messaging to target and entice the right audience.

It also helps to be very familiar with your brand tone of voice in this regard. Humanising the copy of your email sequences is a surefire way to retain interest and keep people opening up your marketing emails. If they’re based on a stale, copy-and-paste template, they’re going to come across as robotic and unappealing. Trust us, that means that your readers are going to be unsubscribing.


Trying out our tips and tricks for effective eCommerce marketing email campaigns is just the first step you can take towards boosting sales and conversion rates. The second step is offering your shoppers a payment solution like Payflex.

It’s easy. We’ll guide you through setting up your merchant account and integrating Payflex into your site. Let’s boost your sales together!