Millennial Moms: The eCom Mom Market You Can't Ignore

Millennial Moms: The eCom Mom Market You Can’t Ignore

Much has been written about the rising influence of the Millennial generation on global retail trends, and now, with millennials parents to half of today’s children, the spending power of millennial moms is being placed firmly in the spotlight.

Approximately one in five moms (22%) is a Millennial Mom, accounting for millions globally. 50% of these moms use technology to make juggling family and work easier, and this extends to their shopping habits. 

Millennial Moms

Millennial moms are very different from previous generations of mothers, particularly when it comes to their shopping habits, which is largely due to technology and social media.  These moms spend around 8 hours per day online and an average of 17.4 hours a week on social sites. Nine out of 10 moms in this age bracket share information with their friends about purchases of clothing, shoes, and groceries.

This tech-savvy, time-pressed generation of moms are reshaping the way brands reach mothers, and in response, hundreds of baby and child-focused websites have emerged in an effort to cater to this growing market. But in order to resonate with this unique demographic of mothers, brands need to understand what matters most to millennial moms.

What Matters Most to Millennial Moms?

Safety & Convenience

Safety and purchase convenience are top priorities when making purchasing decisions. Millennial moms choose products that have been proven safe to use and consume. They also tend to choose products based on convenience.

Meaningful connections

Meaningful connections with products and brands matter. Millennial moms will go out of their way to find brands whose value align with their own and are worth their time and attention. In fact, recent research shows, 83% of millennials want brands to align with them on values.


There is no rulebook for parenting, and millennial parents are open to guidance. In other words, they get by with a little help from their friends. And that even includes brands. Millennials welcome branded content, especially when they need an answer. Research by Google found 3 in 4 millennial parents are open to videos by brands on YouTube when seeking guidance on parenting topics.

Millennial Moms trust other Millennial Moms

The most relatable people to millennial moms are other moms. They often value the advice, product recommendations and service reviews of other moms more seriously than those of experts. 

Social Responsibility

One size certainly doesn’t fit all with this demographic of moms. These Moms prefer to interact with brands that are open and transparent, stand for more than their bottom line, and address environmental and socioeconomic issues in the community, with 44 percent only shopping at brands that reflect their social or political values.\


Brands need to cut through the noise and strive to connect with millennial moms on a deeper and more meaningful level. Their expectations are high in terms of service, company outlook and values, price point, safety and convenience. But with such a strong buying power, it’s worthwhile understanding what drives them.