5 Ways Merchants Can Boost Ecommerce Easter Sales

Easter is just around the corner. This means it’s time to start thinking of the best ways to boost your Easter sales.Remember, Easter is about so much more than just chocolates. Consumers will be looking for deals and discounts and you’ll want to be prepared when they do. Payflex shares 5 ways eCommerce merchants can prepare for Easter.

Create special Easter deals and discounts

Offer a range of special Easter sales,  deals, and discounts. This can be anything from a percentage-off sale to a two-for-one deal. Remember, your discounted prices will only feel special if you make it clear to your customers that they are on for a limited time. Themed sales are also a fantastic way to attract customers as they give a sense of limited time for browsing and purchasing.

Offer free delivery for the long weekend

Free shipping can be a powerful incentive to drive Easter sales. In fact, it is such a powerful promotional tactic, that it could mean the difference between a sale and a lost customer. Make your free delivery offer a focal point in your Easter marketing. 

Put some Easter touches on your eCommerce site

If bricks-and-mortar stores put decorations up for Easter, why shouldn’t online stores as well? Bring the Easter bunny to your website by setting up a landing page highlighting your Easter-related products and deals. You could even go a step further by creating a virtual Easter egg hunt. Customers will have to scan through your entire website to find the ‘easter eggs’, encouraging them to view pages that they might not have ordinarily visited. These are often simple plug-ins that are generally fairly easy to integrate.

Connect with your existing audience

Email is a marketing channel you simply can’t ignore when it comes to your Easter marketing strategy, especially when it comes to engaging with your existing audience. In addition,  your Easter sales strategy would be incomplete without automated cart abandonment emails. According to the Baymard Institute, an average of 69% of consumers abandon their carts. That means roughly seven out of every 10 shoppers won’t complete their transaction.The goal is to encourage your customers to purchase by reminding them of the items they left behind in their shopping cart. 

Make the payment process as flexible as possible

 One-fifth of digital buyers worldwide won’t complete an online purchase if their preferred payment method is not offered And in the post COVID-19 landscape, flexible payment options like part-Payment platform Payflex are growing in popularity as consumers  increasingly demand greater control over the way they pay. In fact, $680 billion will be spent by global consumers using buy now pay later over eCommerce channels by 2025. Cater to this demand by offering flexible payment methods at checkout to ensure you appeal to rapidly evolving consumer needs and demands.