Integrating Payflex into your WordPress WooCommerce eCommerce Store

Best Payment Gateway for WordPress

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management system used to power over 30% of the world’s websites. This popular platform is free to install and use and is highly customisable. And while some people may associate WordPress with blogs and blogging, it’s become so much more than that. Major corporations around the world like Forbes and Sony use WordPress to create incredibly professional websites.

WordPress can be used to create eCommerce websites by adding the WooCommerce plugin.

Best Payment Gateway for WordPress.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin that can be added to your WordPress site. Millions of people around the world use WooCommerce to create effective eCommerce stores. It is one of the most popular eCommerce web development platforms, and for good reason. WooCommerce offers a huge ecosystem of experts, themes and plugins.

What are the benefits of WooCommerce?

Free but professional

Because WordPress and WooCommerce are open-source, they can be downloaded and used free of charge. You can pay for various themes and plugins, but the basic setup is free. That doesn’t mean that the basic WooCommerce CMS isn’t professional. You’ll receive a number of great features, all included free of charge with the basic WooCommerce setup, including inventory management, shipping options, and coupon codes.

Incredibly customisable

WooCommerce works with a variety of ready-made themes that can be bought or downloaded for free. Each theme can be customised to your needs. Everything from colours to fonts can be customised using the CSS, HTML, and PHP style codes.
WooCommerce is self-hosted, so the store’s files are located on your own server and you can modify anything you want.

WooCommerce and WordPress are also very flexible. A wide range of plugins can be added to help you create the perfect eCommerce offering.


WooCommerce is regularly updated to keep up to date to prevent cybersecurity issues. You can make sure that payments received through your site are secure by using a secure payment gateway like Payflex.

Large community

WordPress and WooCommerce are well supported and many loyal fans and community forums are available for questions and issues.

What is the best eCommerce payment gateway for WordPress?

Payflex is a secure, trusted, and reliable payment gateway that works with WordPress and WooCommerce stores. This innovative payment platform provides shoppers with flexible and hassle-free payment solutions to meet all their payment requirements.
Payflex allows eCommerce stores the ability to safely and securely accept card payments from all major brands – including Visa and Mastercard credit, debit, and cheque cards. Payflex also offers shoppers an innovative pay later solution that allows them to shop now and pay later over 6-weeks at no additional cost. Payflex is part of the pay later revolution that is sweeping the globe by providing customers with interest-free payment plans that are simple to use and don’t get you into debt.

If your online store uses WooCommerce, you need to consider Payflex as your WordPress eCommerce Payment solution.
We’ve developed a Payflex Plugin especially for WordPress WooCommerce which easily integrates with your eCommerce store. It literally takes a few minutes to sign-up and integrate Payflex and our team of experienced developers is there to help with any issues.

Sign up for Payflex. It’s easy to apply.

Boost your sales and get Payflex up and running on your WordPress eCommerce website in a matter of hours. Just drop us an email at and we’ll be in touch to set up your merchant account and get you going with Payflex. It’s so simple!

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