How does the Payflex Payment Gateway Help Shoppers?

How does the Payflex payment gateway help shoppers?


Imagine you’re shopping online and come across the perfect pair of boots – a stylish pair of high-quality shoes that will last for many seasons to come. There’s only one pair left in your size and they’re offering 20% off, today only.

While you’d love to buy the boots, they cost R2000, even after the 20% discount! That’s an unexpected expense you weren’t really planning on. You could put it on your credit card, but you know that will mean interest charges down the line – and you hate paying interest.

So what do you do? Leave the boots? Hope they’re still available in a month’s time when you’ve saved a bit? Put it on your credit card and pay more than you should?

That’s where Payflex comes in. Payflex is an innovative new payment gateway solution for shoppers that works with a number of the leading eCommerce stores in South Africa. It offers a free spending plan, an alternative to online credit – without the costs.

When you pay using Payflex, you can shop now, and pay later! You will only be charged a deposit of 25% of the goods today, and then you pay the other 75% off over the next 6 weeks.

Here’s how it works:

You purchase your boots for R2000. When you checkout, you select Payflex to pay. You set up a Payflex account and enter your credit or debit card details.

You then only put down an R500 deposit towards your boots. In two weeks’ time, you pay a further R500. And then two weeks after that another R500. The final R500 is paid in another two weeks. So you’re paying off the boots over 4 equal instalments. You only pay the cost of the boots – you don’t pay any extra. There are no hidden fees or service fees or interest fees – you simply pay off the amount you owe for the goods you purchased. Best of all, your boots arrived after you made your first payment – so you’ve been enjoying wearing them for almost 6 weeks before you’ve had to pay for them in full.

Payflex can help you manage your monthly budget and pay for large purchases that you may need now, but stretch the cost out over two paydays. You get to own the goods now, and only pay them off later.

So, where’s the catch?

There’s no catch. Payflex offers a better way to pay without charging you interest or fees. As long as you make your payments, you won’t pay a cent more for the items you purchased.

Payflex is particularly useful for those larger purchases you make from time to time: a nice winter coat as the season’s change, a new leather bag, an item of furniture for your home or a new set of golf clubs.

How does Payflex help shoppers?

It’s quite obvious how the Payflex payment gateway benefits shoppers. Payflex allows shoppers to buy now, pay later. You can get what you need right now, and pay it off over a period of 6 weeks in 4 equal instalments. Best of all, you don’t pay any fees to use the service. There are no interest charges, no admin costs, no extra fees to make use of the payment plan.

Payflex also allows customers to pay their entire invoice in one payment, if they wish. Sometimes you don’t want to stretch a purchase out over 6 weeks and would prefer to pay upfront – Payflex can help too.

Once you’re signed up, you can pay for future purchases across a range of South African sites with just one click.

Sign up for Payflex

The sign-up process for Payflex is really quick and simple. Just fill in a short form online and we’ll have you authorised in no time. There’s no complicated sign-up process and no waiting. And remember, once you’ve completed your sign up process, you can buy goods from any merchant that accepts Payflex in just one click!