Budget Birthday Gifts for Her: 5 Affordable Yet Meaningful Ideas

Even if it’s just the thought that counts when looking for budget birthday gifts for her, affordable buys needn’t be cheesy or kitsch. The phrase “budget gifts” may take you back to the time when your granny bought you teddy bear slippers and that luminous crop top at a garage sale.  Luckily, there are a lot of creative makers and businesses out there which stock meaningful and thoughtful gifts without you feeling that you’re paying ransom money for them.

Here are 5 things to consider when buying the best budget birthday gifts for her

Whether it’s a friend, partner, family member or female colleague, there are plenty of budget gift options to choose from. Through Payflex’s innovative payment options, you can make your hard-earned money go even further by buying now and paying later.

1. Try DIY or Handmade Gifts

It may take extra time and effort to make a gift for someone, but there’s something magical about receiving a gift someone has crafted for you. Whether it’s an Aran wool jersey or scarf, homemade jam, home-brewed mead or handcrafted bath scrub, these are sure to pull the receiver’s heart strings.

If you’re not the handy or arty type, there are many makers and creators out there whose business value proposition centres around handmade and hand crafted. You’ll find everything from adhesives to glitter. What’s more when you shop local, you are doing your bit to grow local businesses.

2. Explore e-commerce platforms and online marketplaces

We all know a story of someone who found a pair of authentic cowboy boots for R70 at the local thrift shop – e-commerce platforms and second-hand online stores make it even easier to find amazing deals!

There are plenty of e-commerce platforms that are safe and secure to browse on, often with special offers and discounts! Perhaps your friend needs a bar fridge for her newly renovated outside area and you happen to stumble on one for an amazing deal.

3. Find recommendations and read reviews to get the best deal

Looking for a nifty juice extractor or blender for her? There are sure to be plenty of brands and shops selling them. It may be tricky to decide which juicer is best in your price range if there are a few options to choose from. Some websites have comparison functions to help you make an informed decision. You could also ask your social media tribe for their recommendations, or you could search for online reviews of the juice extractors you’ve shortlisted.

4. Buy budget experiences

When looking for budget birthday gifts for her, why not consider a unique experience, such as a voucher for a pampering massage? Not only is this a unique and fun idea, it’s great if you’re someone who dreads buying gifts. If your friend adores coffee, why not buy her a redeemable voucher at her local coffee hang out? The nice thing about subscriptions and vouchers is that you can decide how much to spend to show your appreciation.

5.  Buy a gift in line with her tastes and preferences

If you feel overwhelmed by purchasing that perfect gift, why not narrow down your search by category. You can shop in the jewellery, tech, beauty, fashion, foodie, appliances and health sections.

Gifts on a Budget, With Love from Payflex

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