Laptops to Suit Your Lifestyle: I’ll Tech It to Go!

Look, we’ll level with you: shopping for a laptop is no mean feat. Laptops are big-ticket items that are likely to be in your life for a long time, depending on the quality and their intended use. Other than the fright-inducing price tags, there are a million other things to worry about!

Like, how do you choose between what feels like hundreds of brands and models? Are you making the best selection for your needs? Do you play it safe with a better-known brand, or do you take a chance on a lesser-known model that could do a better job?

Payflex is giving you the best of both worlds. We offer some of the best-known laptop brands on the market, as well as more niche models designed to fulfil specialised purposes. Plus, we’re offering them to you on a buy now, pay later basis. So; sit back, relax, and enjoy our guide on how to buy the best laptop for your lifestyle.

Get your head in the game! Gaming laptops for gamers on the move

Tech merchant Gear Here offers an entire category of gaming laptops for you to peruse at your leisure! Here, you’ll find a wide range of brands that might tickle your fancy. Gear Here boasts trusted gamer laptop brands like MSI, ASUS, and Acer. Furthermore, each brand is stocked with a wide range of models. Take your pick of the one with the specs that you’re looking for to level up your gaming experience!

Similarly, Incredible Connection has an All Star Gaming section on their site which includes this handy Gaming Laptops Sub-Category. When it comes to a range of brands and models, it’s hard to beat Incredible Connection. Their incredible collection features brands like HP, Lenovo, Acer, and ASUS.

Bring it Home With Payflex

No matter your laptop needs – we’ve got you covered here at Payflex. Bring home the laptop you deserve by signing up with Payflex. Get what you love and pay it off over 6 weeks in 4 interest-free instalments. Yip, you heard us. Zero interest. Zero fees. Zero complications! Just you getting what you want when you want it!

Budget win: secondhand Macbook laptops

Macbooks have garnered a cult following since their introduction in 2006, and it’s easy to see why. These sleek, expertly-designed laptops are renowned for their longevity, lightweight design and, of course, the iOS – an intuitive operating system which is dead easy to integrate with your other Apple devices.

However, the price tag on these cutting-edge machines is somewhere in the region of a Fabergé egg. We’re not kidding – we know people who have proposed with a Macbook instead of a diamond ring. Happily for you, between Payflex and iStore Pre-Owned, owning Macbook laptops just became a lot more feasible.

You can shop their range of 13-inch Macbook Air laptops here. Note that the prices of these laptops vary according to the specs, so be sure to check those out and ensure that your laptop is going to be able to perform at the level that you need it to! If you’re a student who is unlikely to use much more than the Windows suite, you’re Gucci. But, if you’re running sophisticated sound-mixing projects off of your laptop, you might need something with a little more processing power.

On the other hand, if you’re in the market for a more heavy-hitting Macbook Pro, iStore Pre-Owned has still got you covered! They stock Macbook Pros in 13″15″, and 16″.

Nothing special: run-of-the-mill laptops that get the job done

Maybe you aren’t looking for anything outrageously fancy, high-performing, or even very pretty. That’s cool! Sometimes we just need a machine that will get the job done. Personally, we recommend Dell laptops for that. They’re reliable, sturdy, and generally affordable. You can shop an entire range of Dell models from Amptek.

Incredible Connection also boasts several categories of laptops that are more suited to pedestrian uses. You can shop their range of Home and Student laptops. Alternatively, for the business-minded shopper, they have also organised some higher-performing laptops into their category of Business laptops.


Okay, great! We’ve given you a detailed guide to what kinds of laptops you can expect to find in our online directory. But, that still doesn’t solve the big-ticket problem of a hefty price tag.

Or does it? When you checkout of these merchant sites using Payflex, you can take your laptop home today and only pay for it later. That’s right! You could be studying hard, crushing your work presentation, or chilling out with Netflix tonight and only pay 25% of the total cost of your purchase upfront. The remaining total will be paid over six weeks. The best part? o% interest.

Sound good to you? We think so too! There’s no time to waste. Browse the extensive Payflex store directory and bring home your ideal machine today.