Gym Apparel for Ladies: Squat and (Im)press

Gym ladies, make some noise! For too long, both the weights section at the gym and the lion’s share of quality gym apparel have been dominated by men. Well, that’s all changed now. More and more women are flocking to the gym to enjoy the lifelong benefits of weight-lifting and other high-intensity exercises. Vive la femme!

But, for all the high-intensity exercise that women are engaging in, there are scarcely as many ladies’ gym apparel brands who are designing and selling clothes that actually support your fitness journey. We’re all familiar with the impossible task of removing a sweaty sports bra, the curse of bike shorts that ride up the thighs, and the discomfort of hard seams on workout tights. Where are we supposed to find quality gym apparel designed for our bodies?

Payflex has the answer, my sisters in sweat. The merchants listed in these articles stock gym apparel for ladies that is guaranteed to support you during your squats, presses, lunges, and deadlifts. Whatever you’re up to, these brands (along with Payflex) are there with you, rep for rep.

Starting from the top: serious sports bras for gym ladies

Sportsman’s Warehouse sports (ha!) a robust range of supportive sports bras from top brands like OTG, Under Armour, and Nike. This is not amateur hour. These over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders are expertly designed to wick away sweat and support ideal posture, no matter the activity. Whether you’re into infinity straps, racerbacks, or seamfree bras, Sportsman’s Warehouse has got a selection to suit every body and every sport.

For light to moderate activity, we’d recommend this beautiful range of sports bras and crop tops from Lara Fay Activewear. This range is crafted from four-way stretch fabric to ensure effortless movement, effective moisture wicking, and quick drying. Plus, you can bag a pair of matching leggings to zoot around the city in a cute workout set!

Finally, for the fitness fashionista, we’d recommend Smitten Fit’s range of gorgeous sports bras. Smitten Fit does it all: from classic seamless bras that support moderate to heavy activity to luxe strap and one-shoulder bras that look as good in a gym as they do in the club. Get it, girl!

Payflex your gains in the gym this summer

With the warmer months rapidly approaching, a lot of us are ramping up our gym hours in anticipation of an active summer. Summer gains = a new summer wardrobe. Yay! When you check out with Payflex Pay Later, you’re making your money work as hard as you work out. You know what they say – a little flexibility goes a long way in the gym. It goes a long way for your wallet, too. Take home your workout threads today and only pay for them over four interest-free instalments.

Just peachy! Proper bottoms for gym ladies

Maybe this sounds like a tall order, but it’s not! At least, not for these merchants. Lara Fay’s range of leggings and active pants caters to anybody seeking comfort during light exercise. Nab a pair of beautifully designed skintight leggings, or opt for a looser fit in one of their Cool Down Fleece Joggers. Perfect for morning Park Runs or a spot of yoga on the beachfront!
PUMA’s range of women’s pants and tights demonstrates perfectly the marriage of street style with active support. Here, you’ll find bottoms for every occasion: 3/4 tights for aerobics, classic short leggings for runners, and sweatpants for cooling down by walking the dogs or (we won’t tell if you don’t!) kicking back in front of the telly.
Finally, Smitten Fit’s range of thick, seamless, high-waisted leggings could not be more perfect for gym ladies who lift. Even in the deepest of squats, these guys are not going to budge. They also stock a range of bike shorts for a lighter activity or warmer weather.

Who runs the world? Girls (with the right footwear)!

Looking for that runner’s high? These footwear ranges are going to guarantee that you get it, baby. Whether you’re a runner, a cyclist, or a weight lifter, you know that you need the right kind of footwear to ensure proper posture and attain your personal best.

Sportsman’s Warehouse stocks an extensive range of footwear categorised according to the sport you play. Handy! You can shop cycling kicks, classic cross-trainers, proper running shoes, and much more to your heart’s content. It’s all just a click away. When it comes to footwear that is as stylish as it is functional, you can’t beat PUMA. Shop their women’s footwear for kicks that can take you from the gym to the streets in a few easy steps. Finally, Hi-Tek’s range of women’s footwear caters to all your outdoor activities from trail running to hiking.


When your card swipes are registering as workouts on your Fitbit, it’s time to implement a payment solution that acts as a spotter for your bank account. After all, gym ladies can’t compromise on the apparel that you buy to support your fitness journey. You can get it all with Payflex!

Take it home today and only pay for it in four instalments over six weeks at 0% interest. Shop the Payflex store directory for your latest gym apparel gains today.