Helpie FAQ

  • Who is covered by the Policy?

    This is a life, disability and retrenchment insurance policy that exclusively provides cover for Payflex customers.
    Cover is provided on a voluntary basis to settle your outstanding Payflex account balance in the event of death,
    permanent disability or retrenchment.

    The Policy benefit will be paid to Payflex to settle your account and will offer significant relief to you and your
    family. This cover can be taken out in addition to other life, disability and retrenchment insurance you may have as
    it is specifically designed to settle your Payflex debt obligation.

  • What other benefits are provided by the Policy?

    In addition to settling your outstanding Payflex account balance, the Plus Policy option provides cover for an extra
    lump sum cash benefit of R5 000. The R5 000 Plus benefit is optional and must be selected when taking out the
    cover. This benefit will be paid to you or your estate in the event of permanent disability or death.

  • What are the Policy premiums?
    Payflex Protect Lite offers you insurance cover for your outstanding Payflex account balance, in the event of your
    death, permanent disability or retrenchment. The premium is R99 per annum which will be charged as a single
    once off premium for the year. This means you will be receiving this cover for R8.25 per month over the 12-month

    Payflex Protect Plus offers the same cover as Payflex Protect Lite plus an additional lump sum cover of R5 000
    payable on your death or permanent disability. The premium is R199 per annum which is charged as a single
    premium for the year. This means you will be receiving this cover for R16.58 per month over the 12-month period.

  • Is this cover available to non-Payflex customers?

    No, this cover is exclusively provided to Payflex customers.

  • Are there any requirements for medical tests in order to qualify for cover?

    No, all Payflex customers qualify for cover without the need for medicals.

  • Who is the insurer of the Payflex Protect Policy?

    Cover is provided by Guardrisk Life Limited, an authorised financial services provider (FSP Number 76) and a
    licensed life insurer.

  • Who administers the Policy?

    The policy is administered by Zestlife, an authorised financial services provider (FSP Number 37485), and they
    can be contacted on 021 180 4220 or at

  • Are there any age restrictions that apply to this cover?

    Cover is available to all Payflex customers between the ages of 18 and 60. Once cover has commenced it can
    continue up until the policy year ending before you turn 65.

  • When does cover commence?

    Your cover commences from the 1st of the month following your online application.

  • When does the cover end?

    The cover is for a 12-month period, and you will be given the option to renew the cover at the end of each policy
    year. Should you not renew the cover, then cover will be cancelled. You will not be given the option to renew the
    policy in the year that you turn 65.

  • When will I receive my Policy document?

    Once you have completed your online application, the policy document will be emailed to you.

  • How is Permanent Disability defined?

    Permanent disability is defined as your continuous, total and permanent inability due to injury, disease or
    illness, to perform the duties of any job in the labour market for which you are qualified or could reasonably
    expect to become qualified, resulting in a total and permanent loss of your income.

  • How is Retrenchment defined?

    Retrenchment means your involuntary retrenchment due to your employer utilising new technology or
    reorganisation due to adverse conditions, leading to your total loss of income.

  • Are there waiting periods?
    For death and permanent disability claims there is a 12-month pre-existing medical condition exclusion. This means
    for the first 12 months following the commencement of your cover under the Policy, you will not be covered in
    respect to claims that arise from any medical condition that you were aware of, have consulted a medical practitioner for, or have received treatment for in the 12 months preceding the commencement of your cover.

    For retrenchment claims no benefit will be paid if you have been employed by your employer for less than 12
    months prior to your retrenchment and no benefit will be paid should your retrenchment occur within 3 months of
    the commencement of your cover under the Policy

  • Are there circumstances under which the Retrenchment benefit will not be paid?
    You will not be entitled to the Retrenchment benefit in the following circumstances, if you:

    • Are self-employed or employed by a business owned by a member of your family.
    • Resign or accept voluntary retrenchment.
    • Reach the end of a non-renewable fixed term contract or a contract of a temporary or casual nature.
    • Retire or are dismissed by your employer.
    • Or your employer was aware that you were to be retrenched prior to the commencement date of your cover.
    • Lose your job due to fraud, dishonesty, illegal conduct, sickness, injury or medical condition.

    If you are on a temporary, casual or fixed term contract and it reaches its natural end (your services are
    terminated on the stated date when your contract comes to an end and your contract is not extended or

  • Are there other circumstances that could lead to the non-payment of a claim?
    No benefit will be paid for claims arising from:

    • War, invasions or civil war.
    • Acts of terrorism.
    • Strikes, riots or civil commotion.
    • Atomic energy and/or nuclear fission or reaction.
    • Aerial sports an air travel (other than an ordinary passenger on a licensed passenger aeroplane).
    • Participation in hazardous activities including but not limited to racing driving.
    • Active participation in criminal activity.
    • Wilful exposure to danger, intentional self-inflicted injuries, attempted suicide or suicide.
    • Being under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs (unless where such drugs have been prescribed and
    taken in accordance with the instructions of a medical practitioner).
    • Use of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons or radioactive contamination.
    • Attacks on or sabotage of facilities and storage depots that lead to the release of radioactivity or nuclear,
    biological or chemical warfare agents.
    • Refusal of medical treatment where such treatment will improve the disability or illness resulting in a

  • Does the Payflex Protect Policy cover you for all your orders placed with Payflex?

    Once you have activated your Payflex Protect Policy cover you will be covered for the outstanding amount
    owed on all your orders up to a combined total amount of R12 000.

  • How to claim of the Policy?
    Claim forms are available on the Payflex website or you can contact Zestlife the Policy administrator who will assist
    you with your claim submission. Zestlife contact details as contained in your Policy document are 021 180 4220 or

    Please note that all Policy claims must be lodged within 6 months of the claim incident date

  • Does cover apply while outside the borders of South Africa?

    Yes, if you are going to be outside South Africa for more than 90 (ninety) days in a row, you need to let Zestlife
    know in writing and provide relevant details of where you are and the purpose of your travel. The Insurer may
    or may not accept this change or may accept this change with conditions. If the Insurer does not accept the
    change, your Policy will terminate. The Insurer may ask and consider any relevant information to make a
    decision. The latest Policy terms and conditions will apply if the change is made.

For queries, changes in personal information and Claims, please contact Zestlife on

021 180 4220 | 0860 009 378 (Toll-free) or

021 180 4220
0860 009 378

Zestlife is an authorised financial services provider. Zest Life Investments (Pty) Ltd Reg no. 2001/018097/07 FSP no. 37485

Underwritten by Guardrisk Life Limited, an authorised financial services provider (FSP Number 76) and a licensed life insurer.