Meet the Team
The great minds backing our business.

The People
Behind the Product

Our technology and service have been built by a passionate (and quirky) bunch of people with deep backgrounds in financial services, payments and technology. And with a common goal to deliver a world-class payment solution to shoppers that is superior in all respects to traditional credit-based payment products.

Payflex is backed by ZIP, a leading Australian fintech company with over 3.5 million customers across the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.


Paul Behrman | CEO

Paul leads the Payflex revolution and dreams that one day all payments will be interest-free. Paul has 20 years of banking experience and has held senior roles at the big banks in product development, corporate finance and risk management. He is a keen tennis enthusiast and explorer and holds a BBusSci (UCT), and an MSC Economics (LSE).

Derek Cikes | Commercial Director

Derek is our 1+1 = 3 guy and head of business development. He leverages 21 years of financial services building successful ventures at Hollard for Edcon, Wesbank, and Ooba, to deliver creative value for our retail and industry partners. Derek is a keen cyclist, golfer and all-round family guy.

Jason Penton | Chief Technology Officer

Jason is our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and is responsible for ensuring that the payflex technology platform delivers an awesome customer experience. Jason has held various senior technology roles over a 15-year career, including senior developer for Smile Telecoms. Jason holds an MSc Computer Science (Rhodes).

Chris Olsen | Chief Operating Officer

Chris brings 30 years of banking and operational experience to the team. Having worked for a number of financial institutions locally and internationally Chris ensures that all the systems, support functions and processes here at PayFlex result in a seamless customer experience.


Jarred Deacon
Jarred Deacon | Sales Director

Experienced solutions driver, having successfully worked in a variety of international markets. Strong focus on contributing meaningful value to Payflex partners.

Ben Clark | Sales Executive

Ben is our Cape Town representative, and has a keen interest in finance and technology. Ben’s energy, enthusiasm and passion for people will help you grow your business.

Caroline Tregurtha
Caroline Tregurtha | Sales Executive

Outgoing and passionate, Caroline loves spending her days working with people. She has an international sales background and graduated from IMM with a business degree in marketing management. When she isn’t drinking a glass of wine with her friends, you can find her singing, travelling, reading, or creating digital artworks.

Thomas Harraway
Thomas Harraway | Sales Executive

Tom is an outdoorsman at heart. When he isn’t at the office, you can find him on his bike, or at the tennis court. Tom has an interest in all things business. He holds an honours degree in Economics from the University of Stellenbosch.

Chad Van Vuuren | Sales Executive

An accountant turned salesman. Chad has international sales experience connecting with people around the globe. Don’t let his accounting background fool you; he will speak to you about anything from finance to football to film. “If you want something done right, do it properly the first time.

Amu Hlabano | Sales Executive

Amu Hlabano is a UJ graduate, who is passionate about building authentic relationships and business development. She has over 7 years’ experience in the communication space. Amu looks forward to adding innovative solutions to your business.

Jonty Mathews
Jonty Mathews | Solutions Consultant

I am an ambitious, vibrant, adaptable and self-motivated individual, striving to make an impact in the lives of others. I apply a logical and creative approach to any task or situation that I undertake. I aim to find solutions that best serve the customers needs in order to create a mutually beneficial relationship, with growth as its focal point.

Customer Success

Rowan Eva
Rowan Eva | Head of Account Management

Rowan has been running accounts at top advertising agencies globally for over 17 years, he even once coordinated the building of the worlds biggest Vuvuzela on Cape Town’s unfinished highway back in 2010. When not thinking up smart ideas to get brands to shine, he’s a part-time runner and full-time dad.

Tracy Simon | Account Manager

Account manager extraordinaire. Firmly established in the retail industry. Geared on all things E-commerce.

Cassidi Beck
Cassidi Beck | Account Manager

Cassidi is our local humanitarian; her kindness, loyalty and willingness to help always makes her the number one draft pick. When she’s not trying to save the world, you’ll find her cycling or reading a classic novel. Cass holds a MA in Global Affairs (Stellenbosch) & a Bcom Business Management (UNISA).

Corailie Walton
Corailie Walton | Account Manager

Corailie holds a Bcom Marketing Management degree (University of Pretoria) as well as Digital Marketing (UCT). When she’s not busy strengthening relationships- she’s either reading, listening to podcasts, hiking or becoming the ultimate “Zen Yogi”. She aspires to break the glass ceiling because she’s convinced the coffee tastes better there.


Kenne Loubser | Head of Marketing

Logical with a dash of radical, Kenne is a marketing and technology professional with 11 years experience across various industries. His experience and expertise covers leading the marketing strategies, production processes and ongoing operations of the full marketing ecosystem of brands. Kenne holds a degree in Social Dynamics (Stellenbosch), Digital Marketing diploma, and a host of professional certifications. He also shreds the guitar like Eddie van Halen (well, almost).

Melissa Ackerman
Melissa Ackerman | Designer

Design and retail focused career. Strong belief in design playing an important role in the customer brand experience. Art keeps me sane.


Tom Lister-James | Operations Manager

Tom keeps the engine room at payflex running smoothly, and when he’s not busy under the hood, enjoys sports, friends and building awesome businesses. Tom holds a Sports Management Diploma and a PG Dip Entrepreneurship (UCT).

Trevor Tomlinson
Trevor Tomlinson| Risk Manager

Trevor shares his 41 years of General Banking, Risk Management and Operational experience with the team. Having worked for a number of financial institutions locally Trevor ensures that all the Risk Management, compliance and Due diligence processes are adhered to at PayFlex and ensures that we cover all our bases from a risk perspective, providing the comfort that we pride ourselves by protecting all our Merchants and Customers interests.

Tumi Modise
Tumi Modise | Operations

Tumi brings 21 years of banking experience with Operations, Debt Collections and Credit experience. She has worked for various banks including Nedbank Private Bank, RMB Private Bank, Toyota Fleet and Commercial Department.She holds a National Diploma in Banking from the University of Johannesburg.

Ketty Buso | Customer Support

Ketty understands the importance of customer service and strives to offer the most superior customer service by finding the best possible solution to customer concerns.

Naledi Njemla | Customer Support

Naledi has mastered the ins-and-outs of customer communications, sales and admin, and spends her spare time brainstorming new ways to solve customer complaints.


Simsie Avatar
Simsie Dorfan | Chief Financial Officer

Simsie is our trusted Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and makes sure that we look after your payments, and not a penny goes missing. Simsie has over 20 years of financial services experience, and steers the ship with financial precision. Simsie is a CA (SA).

Nic Lister-James | Finance

Nic looks after the numbers and his attention to detail keeps the business running smoothly. Nic holds a Bcom in Financial Accounting (Stellenbosch) and PG Dip Management (Wits).