How To Get Funding Help For Your New Business

So, you’ve decided to strike out on your own and start an eCommerce business, have you? Hats off to you! We admire your courage and your tenacity. But, brave hero, you may have already encountered your first dragon on the entrepreneurial path to treasure: you desperately need funding help for your new business.

You know what they say in the world of business – even the best-laid plans are waylaid by a lack of funding. No matter how watertight your concept is, your business is simply never going to progress past the stage of wishful thinking unless you have capital. But you’re a small business owner – where can you turn to for help with business funding?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s just say that Payflex is the champion of underdogs. We know that you’re just trying to build a small business from the ground up, and we’re here to help you do that. That’s why we’ve partnered with Merchant Capital to offer you business funding solutions that actually work for you. We’ll tell you all about it.

First off – who is Merchant Capital, and how can they offer me funding help for my new business?

Merchant Capital is a trusted Payflex partner. They offer business funding solutions that are tailored to your small business needs. If you’re looking for funding help for your new business, then look no further. Their award-winning team of qualified industry experts stays well-informed. So, they know your industry inside and out. They also understand your business model in a way that big lending institutions might not.

Plus, they offer lightning-fast loan solutions and flexible repayment options. No small business should ever have its growth strangled because of a lack of working capital. That’s why qualified applicants will receive their flexiadvance (more to come on that!) in less than 24 hours. It’s a real advantage to have business funding partners who understand your needs as intimately as Merchant Capital and Payflex do.

How can Payflex offer me funding help for my new business?

Excellent question. As you know by now, we’ve partnered with Merchant Capital to bring our merchants business funding solutions that actually work for small business owners. The funding solution that we offer exclusively to Payflex merchants is the flexiadvance, powered by Merchant Capital.

What exactly is a flexiadvance?

Wow, you’re full of great questions today! Here’s our elevator pitch: the flexiadvance is a stopgap funding solution that provides you with business funding as you need it when you need it. No lengthy queues at the bank, no towering stacks of application papers, no endless waiting periods to get approved for loans that you needed yesterday.

Flexisadvance is a business funding solution that offers you full transparency, personalised and well-informed support tailored to your industry, and a super-fast turnaround. The easy and simple application process leaves you with plenty of time to get back to what you should be spending your time doing: growing your small business into an eCommerce empire!

Sounds great! How can I get one?

If you need funding help with your new business, then the flexiadvance may be the perfect solution for you. As a small business, you might not be looking for the backing of a mega-rich angel investor (at least, not yet!). All you need is some stopgap funding and a long-term plan to grow your business. Here’s how to go about getting the flexiadvance:

Step 1: Apply through the Payflex portal

Step 2: Check your inbox! If you qualify, your flexiadvance offer will arrive via email

Step 3: Customise the offer to best suit your business funding needs

Step 4: Sign your digital contract (didn’t we tell you? No queues!)

Step 5: Receive your funds in under 24 hours

That’s it, really. We told you – it’s fast, simple, and designed with the needs of a small business operator in mind.

What can I do with my flexiadvance?

That’s totally up to you! Payflex really puts the “flex” in “flexiadvance”. The funding is yours to use as you see fit. But, if you’re looking for some inspiration, we’re happy to share how other Payflex merchants are using their flexiadvance to grow their businesses:

  • Launching new marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Implementing updates to tech and equipment
  • Making bulk stock purchases
  • Making refurbishments and renovations to commercial spaces

The world is your oyster!

The bottom line

We’ve never met an entrepreneur who didn’t need funding help with a new business. All that remains is choosing the right business funding solution for you and your budding venture. And we all get by with a little help from our friends!

You can read more about the different kinds of funding available to you in our article on that very subject. Otherwise, simply apply for your flexiadvance right away. There are no wrong moves – not when you’re working with financial partners who have your best interests at heart.