Alternative Business Funding – Why It’s the Key to Revolving Success

Running a small business means that you have to wear a hundred different hats – but funding can’t always be one of them. We all know the dread of sourcing start-up capital and cash-flow advances! Working in time to go to the bank and figure out the best loan and repayment options is a job in and of itself. Payflex has partnered with Merchant Capital to offer you the best alternative business funding to slash red tape and support your business growth.

Thankfully, with Payflex and Merchant Capital, your business growth doesn’t have to be stifled by mounds of red tape and strict application processes. Together, we can provide you with a flexiadvance option that offers you full transparency, personalised support, and a lightning-fast turnaround. That leaves you plenty of time to do what you are meant to do: grow your business into a successful eCommerce empire.

Who is Merchant Capital?

Merchant Capital is a trusted Payflex partner! They are an award-winning business finance service that offers customised loan solutions to your small business. Their team of qualified industry experts stays well-informed. They know your industry, community, and trade. So, they can offer you quick loan solutions and flexible repayment options that suit your small business needs.

Moreover, Merchant Capital believes that small business growth should never be slowed by a lack of working capital. When you qualify for a flexiadvance, you’ll get the funding that you need in less than 24 hours.

How do I know that I qualify for alternative business funding?

Payflex merchants will need the following to qualify for a flexiadvance from Payflex and Merchant Capital:

  • You, the business owner, need to be a South African citizen with a guarantor
  • Your business must have R80,000 in card sales or R150,000 in EFT transactions per month
  • Your business needs to have been trading for at least 12 months
  • You need to be an existing Payflex merchant

Furthermore, whether your business is in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, or services, we can offer you the alternative business funding that you need, when you need it. You’ll receive your flexiadvance in less than 24 hours, and you’ll repay in line with your turnover. Merchants can choose between daily or weekly repayment options.

What can I use my flexiadvance for?

The flexiadvance is yours to use as you see fit, but this is how other Payflex merchants are using their alternative business funding to grow their businesses:

  • Bulk stock purchases
  • Refurbishments and renovations to commercial spaces
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Tech and equipment updates

The benefits of alternative business funding

We could go on for a while about the benefits of alternative business funding over traditional funding routes, but we’ll keep it short and sweet. Here are the highlights of the flexiadvance from Payflex and Merchant Capital:

  • Your application does not require any documentation
  • It’s fully digital – no waiting in bank queues!
  • Fast turnaround (you’ll have your flexiadvance in less than 24 hours!)
  • No need to pledge assets
  • The costs are fixed, and –
  • – there are no hidden fees, meaning that you can budget with full transparency


eCommerce has changed the game for small businesses, and it’s time that business funding caught up. Our partnership with Merchant Capital offers you alternative business funding in the form of quick, customised, and flexible cash advances to grow your business how you see fit. Plus, your repayment options are as flexible as your loan solution. Get the funding that you need from people who really understand how your business works, and what it needs.

Grow your business today by applying through the Payflex portal!

Merchant Capital