Lego Wars! Build Your Own Empire With These All-Ages Lego Sets

Back in 1999, when the company began releasing Star-wars themed sets, adults began to rediscover their 1980’s childhood love for LEGO. As a result, some lego fanatics out there call themselves AFOLs (Adult Fans of Lego).

Nowadays, there are vast collections of LEGO for adults and kids alike! So whether you’re building a LEGO theme, city, a model for your collection, or merely constructing something with the same LEGO bricks, there’s no limit to what you can create.

Lego Sets For The Whole Family

A Centrepiece For Freedom

This is a definite centrepiece for the home or office. An architectural model replica of America’s symbol of freedom will leave you in awe, with Lady Liberty and her 7-ray crown, her upraised arm holding the golden torch, and her flowing robe … well, the incredible detail goes on. You will thoroughly enjoy building and admiring the spectacular design work, especially if you are interested in architecture, design, history and travel. 


Discovering Tokyo

Tokyo – one of LEGO’s Skyline Collection, captures the essence of the world’s best-known buildings, monuments and cities. LEGO Architecture gives you the freedom to recreate its most famous buildings, including the TOKYO SKYTREE, the world’s tallest freestanding tower, Tokyo Tower, Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower, and Tokyo Big Sight. The cherry-tree-filled Chidorigafuchi Park, a classic pagoda tower and Shibuya Crossing are also featured. For your office or home – built by you!


Embrace Those Good Vibrations

Celebrate your passion for adventure with this fantastic all-ages Lego masterpiece. Wow! Adventuring has never been this much fun before. Check out the specs and all the design details packed into this VW model, including curtains, a pop-up tent and iconic front windscreen. Building this beaut’ is a definite must for an admirable piece on display!  


Adventure Awaits

This one is definitely for the adventurer, sports lover and holidaymaker. The Ski-resort architectural set is packed with various pieces, including a 4×4 truck, a helicopter, a snowplough, a snowman, and so much more! Have a look at all the details to be explored, built, admired and played with. Add this one to the collection for sure.

LEGO CITY SKI RESORT – R1,599.00 R1,157.75

“All Men Have Limits …” – Batman

This impressive model captures the iconic style of the crime-fighting, battle-ready machine from the Dark Knight Trilogy films. So stretch your limits and master your skills with one of the most notorious vehicles in cinema. An admirable piece to add to your DC collection. 

BATMOBILE TUMBLER R4,199.00 R3,529.02

Beatles Fan? Build The Band!

Check out this fantastic wall art! Build these unique portraits of all 4 band members, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star. Better still, you can listen to the included Soundtrack while you build. Perfect for the mantlepiece.

LEGO ART THE BEATLES – R2,599.00 R2,076.32

Building Together With Payflex!

Rebuild the world with Payflex! When it comes to creativity, LEGO is limitless so let us help you indulge in your favourite masterpieces. Shop online at any of these online stores and pay off the amount in four interest-free instalments.