Key wardrobe staples to wear all year round

While many trends come and go, solid wardrobe staples last forever. Payflex Guest Contributor Monde Mtsi outlines some of his key wardrobe staples. Everyone needs these classics in their wardrobes! Happy shopping!

A Crew in Yellow

Knitwear is a staple for winter – or any other season, for that matter – it’s just a matter of how thick the knit is.  With a variety of colours and styles on the market, it’s recommended to get a few in solid colours to maximise their wear and flexibility with the balance of your wardrobe. Of course, if you choose something with a bit more flare, all the better. It acts as a statement piece and conversation starter.


A Classic in Modern Times

Denim is a must-have wardrobe staple for everyone. It’s easy to wear, easy to maintain. Its longevity also means you can get away with buying a couple pair  in different colours and wearing them over a number of years without getting an update. Even better, as you wear them in, they fade and take on your shape; when they start to tear here and there, it adds character. Black jeans, however, are certainly the biggest must-have because of their ingenuity and are the ideal wing man for every guy. Wear them from work to drinks and everything in between. I recommend a pair of

Levis 501 Original Straight Back – R899

Sneaky Feet

I’m a huge sneaker fan – my sneakers outnumber my loafers/formal shoes 5:1 – so you can imagine. I have a very simple reason for this: I wear sneakers more often than I do any other type of shoe. I wear them to work, when running errands, even to some meetings. Most importantly, I wear and prefer sneakers because of their support and comfort levels. Honestly, there’s only so much I can do in a pair of leather lace-up shoes. But in sneakers, well, the ball’s in my court. A simple black pair of well-designed sneakers, like these New Balance Classic 327’s will take you and your wardrobe a long way. Perfect for work, for play,  and just for being out and about.

New Balance Classic 327 Black – R1599

In The Trenches

A coat is never really a coat if it’s not a trench coat – okay, nobody ever said that, but I think you catch my drift. A trench coat is a classic wardrobe staple when it comes to coat styles, perfect for dry and wet winters, even for warmer conditions in the evening as an alternative to a sports jacket or denim jacket. I favour the trench coat for its durability, flexibility and cut – it’s the perfect length for any occasion. As a starter, get one in tan or beige. Once you’ve managed to get a feel for it, venture into different fabrics and colours, like this charcoal trench coat from Superbalist. The dark colour gives it a different mood and the fabric a really warm texture.

Trench Coat Charcoal – R1099

Make It Make Scents

A signature scent  is an amazing final puzzle piece to complete any look for any day of the week. An old favourite classic of mine if CK One Eau du Toilette. It’s body is cool, with nuances of floral notes but never settles too heavy on the nose. Everyone to encounters you will be left lingering, intrigued. It’s also a great recommendation for any man looking for a simple and nuanced fragrance.

CK One Edt – 100 ml – R659

So if you don’t know where to begin when it comes to building the ‘essentials’ section of your closet, this is certainly a great place to start! Wear them all at once, or piece them together with other merchandise in your wardrobe.