How to source the best online deals

How to source the best online deals

Who doesn’t like a good deal? In the vast world of eCommerce, trying to find the best online shopping deals is not as easy as one might think.  It can be incredibly frustrating to make a purchase online and later realize you could’ve bought the item for far less elsewhere.  Payflex outlines 9 tips and tricks that will help you access the best discount deals and turn you into an online shopping pro (You’re welcome!).


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Sign up & ye shall receive

A whopping 70% of subscribers open marketing emails in search of a special discount or special deal. While many are reluctant to hand over their details to various retailers, by doing so, you  enter a world of exclusive discount deals that land straight in your inbox on a daily basis. Many retailers have also started offering redeemable points on every purchase made, which can be collected and used when making your next purchase.

Do some stalking

90% of Instagram accounts follow a business on the platform, while 66% of people on Facebook like or follow a brand on the platform. This highlights a desire and interest among consumers to stay connected to brands they align with. Plus, by keeping a close eye on your favourite online shopping destinations, you could uncover some amazing online shopping deals as well as have first sight of specials, sales and discounts.  What’s more, keep a close eye on your favourite influencers for exclusive access to deals you would not usually find elsewhere.

Go incognito

Believe it or not, everything we do online is tracked! When you browse the web normally,

your browser will store cookies. The purpose of the computer cookie is to help the website keep track of your visits and activity. Incognito mode allows you to go undercover while browsing online. Often, the price of items you’re looking for will be marked up if browser cookies show you have previously searched for the item. When you go incognito (Press Ctrl + Shift + n on Chrome),  your browser won’t save your browsing history, cookies and site data, or information entered in forms.

Use your wishlist

We all grew up writing wishlists as kids, whether it was to Santa, the Tooth Fairy or our parents. Now, as adults (Kind of), the internet is attempting to bring some of that magic back, by allowing us to ‘wishlist’ items we like but can’t necessarily afford. If you create an account on the eCommerce site you will be notified of when the item goes on sale. Some on the ball retailers may even email you to offer you a discount deal if you purchase the items stored in your wishlist.

Take advantage of birthday deals

Is your birthday coming up soon? So many eCommerce retailers give special discounts for those celebrating their birthdays. Another major perk of subscribing to the various sites! So if your birthday is coming up, keep an eye on your inbox for discount deals!

Leave items in your basket

Some retailers will offer customers special discount deals if they see they have added items to their shopping cart but not yet completed their purchase. In fact, eMarketer found that 40% of consumers open emails from stores about their abandoned shopping carts in the hopes of being offered special discounts. However, this is not a guarantee. This also only works when you have an account on the eCommerce merchant’s website and are logged in when you leave your cart – another excellent reason to subscribe on websites you like.

Do your homework

While this may sound obvious, people can get carried away with satisfying their appetites for instant gratification, meaning they might miss better deals on the same items on other websites. A poll of more than 1,000 US adults aged 18 or older found almost half, or 44%, made an impulse buy on the Internet over a three-month period. Ultimately, make sure you do your research for big-ticket items.

Plan ahead for seasonal online deals

Savvy shoppers always ensure they time their purchases. Like couponers who invest their time into free buying. To be a ninja warrior shopper, you need to strategise WHEN to shop. It’s all about the sale seasons – like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day. These allow you to buy what you want but pay a lot less. But you’ve got to be prepared…and probably up at midnight the even of black Friday.

Use flexible payment options

A recent report by Global Web Index found 83% of consumers think brands should be providing flexibility in payment options.  This is especially relevant at the moment when many of us are feeling the pinch due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Jump on the flexible payment bandwagon with  Payflex’s buy now pay later platform, which enables you to get what you need now without pushing you into an unnecessary debt spiral. Pay in 4 interest-free instalments over 6 weeks.

We try our best to stay up to date with our own merchants’ online deals and keep our shoppers in the know via weekly emails that you can sign up for.