Gadget Gifts For Her That Will “Tech” Her Breath Away!

Hey, we get it. It can be hard to find the perfect gift for the woman in your life. Whether she’s your mom, sister, partner, or friend, you want to celebrate her this Women’s Month. But diamond rings can break the bank, and flowers are old news in the age of technology. Payflex has got you (and your wallet) covered with our roundup of the best gadget gifts for her!

From earphones to air fryers, these gifts are sure to impress and “tech” her breath away!

You heard that right: the best audio gifts for her

Sometimes a girl just wants to tune out. Give her the gift of blocking out your sonorous snoring with a sick pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Trust us – it’s what a girl wants.

We love these JBL LIVE Pro True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones for R2,999, which come in a variety of cute colours – including pink! These babies feature adaptive noise cancelling and 28-hour battery life. Perfect for letting her focus while she works! They also feature IPX4 water resistance, so she can use them safely while smashing out a sweaty workout to her favourite tunes.

On the other hand, for a more customisable fit, she might prefer these Samsung Galaxy Buds for R2,499. These guys come in a range of on-trend colours like olive green and lavender. Though their usage time only runs at five hours, they one-up the JBL’s in terms of active noise cancelling and IPX2 water resistance. They also come in a range of ear-tip sizes for optimal comfort and fit.

Maybe your lady is more of an over-ear cans gal, in which case you might be interested in the Apple Airpods Max for R9,999. Features include an Apple H1 headphone chip, active noise cancellation, and spatial audio with dynamic head tracking. Airpods have come to define an elite personal listening experience and, as far as noise cancellation and sound quality go, they’re up there with the best.

Here’s the bottom line: one of the greatest gifts for her is the gift of peace and quiet.

Winner, winner: gaming gifts for her

This is for the gals who game! The gaming industry is finally recognising that a huge component of their player base is made up of women. We’ve done some shopping around for the best gaming tech gifts for her on the market.

Girls just wanna have fun! The Nintendo Switch Lite for R4,499 will let the lady in your life play her favourite games on the go. These compact, lightweight consoles slip easily into backpacks or purses.

If she’s looking to level up her gaming setup, gift her with this medium-grade Apollo 10 Upgrade Kit for R7,759 from Dreamware. Features include Intel Core i5 12500, Asus PRIME B660M-K DDR4, G.Skill Aegis 16GB, and DDR4-3200 MHz. It’s exactly what she needs to upgrade her gaming PC from noob to next-gen level.

And yet, no gaming setup is complete without the right accessories! When thinking about gaming gifts for her, we’re sure you’re thinking about headsets. Well, look no further than this Razer Kraken Kitty Edition The Meow Factor Headset for R4,499. This pink powerhouse features kitty ears powered by Razer Chroma, an active noise-cancelling microphone, customisable THX spatial audio, and cooling gel ear cushions.

But, if pink is just not her thing, there’s always the ASUS TUF Gaming H3 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset. While the aesthetics are slightly more muted than the meow factor of the Razer Krakens, the features most certainly are not. Specs include airtight chamber technology, 50mm ASUS Essence Driver, lightweight design, and cross-platform support.

“Tech” me home! Home technology to improve her life

Kitting out your home with tech that makes her life easier is a great gift for the lady of the house.

Let’s start in the kitchen, shall we? We’ve got some great kitchen-themed gifts for her. If the woman in your life loves to cook, she might like this 6L Digital Air Fryer for R2,189 from Snatcher. It comes in three different colours: black (classic), red (hmm, fiery!), and emerald green (stunning!). These gadgets are all the rage. We’ve yet to meet an ingredient that we haven’t tried to air-fry yet.

However, if she be more of a baker, then you can’t go wrong with the KitchenAid Stand Mixer for R16,599 from Brands SA. Whip up artisanal bread, buns, and cakes in a flash with this elite appliance. It’s available in eleven tasteful colours, so the right choice is sure to fit right in with the kitchen decor.

The Internet of Things is here to stay, folks! Give your lady full control with the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen for R1,299. This little bot comes equipped with Alexa Assistant, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, wireless music streaming, and 1/8″ audio output to powered speakers. Alexa! Add to cart.

So, common knowledge dictates that you should never buy your wife or girlfriend a vacuum cleaner. But, we’re making an exception for this iRobot Roomba i7 Robot Vacuum for R17,499. The only finger she’ll have to lift to operate this little sucker is to press the “on” button. The Roomba uses smart technology to learn your home and your routine so that it can adapt to your rhythms. It’s also programmed to avoid obstacles. Sometimes the best gift you can give her is a robot assistant who will leave the house sparkling clean.


Flowers are classic, but gadgets are what’s really going to “tech” her breath away. If you want to woo the women in your life, then the way to do it is with appliances that suit her interests. Buying the perfect gift is great for your relationship, but not always a love match for your bank account. Payflex can help you out there. Purchase your gifts now for 25% and pay the rest off in four, interest-free instalments.