Multi-terrain, Unisex Fitness Gear to Level Up Your Exercise

If you’re serious about making progress with your fitness, you need the right gear to make it happen. Having the right fitness gear on your side can take your exercises from zero to one hundred, regardless of where you are or how you’re working out. Take a look at some of our top picks for the best multi-terrain, unisex fitness gear.

Outdoor Fitness Gear

A Mountain Bike

Could there be any outdoor activity more exhilarating than mountain biking? Get ready to trailblaze through forests, vineyards and parks, and remember to stop and give yourself a chance to take in the incredible natural scenery!

26″ Mountain Bike st 50 – Black – R4999.00

Climbing Rope

If you’re a climbing enthusiast then a quality climbing rope is non-negotiable. Hit the trails with the best gear you can get and you’ll be summiting peak after peak in no time!

Climbing and Mountaineering Cordelette 7 mm x 4 m – Orange – R119.00

A backpack

Planning a long or multi-day walk or hike? You need a comfortable, high-quality hiking backpack. It’s worth it to get yourself a water-proof, ventilated, abrasion-resistant one for maximum comfort while you’re off the beaten track.

Country walking backpack – nh500 – 30 litres – R699.00

Indoor Fitness Gear

A yoga mat

Even if you don’t do yoga, there are benefits to owning a yoga mat. Having a yoga mat is essentially having your own workout station wherever you are. Do some stretching, pilates or high-intensity interval training – the options are limitless.



Tone and shape your arms from the comfort of…wherever! You can take your weights with you for a relaxed or intense (you choose) workout session.

Reebok Dumbbell Set – R1190.00

Resistance Training Bands

Stretch your way to a fitter, healthier you! Resistance bands are surprisingly effective at working nearly every muscle in your body. You can opt for bands with lighter resistance if you want to use them for warming up, or go for one with a high resistance level if you’re ready to do some deadlift training!

Resistance / Power Training Bands – R189.00 – R569.00

Fitness Gear Gadgets

A smartwatch

It’s easy to keep track of the fitness goals you have with an AI-powered smartwatch. Smartwatches do everything – from monitoring your heart rate to the number of steps you take, to the number of hours you sleep per night!

Blend Smart Watch – The Blaze – Silver – R 1,295.00

Sports sunglasses

Don’t be fooled, these aren’t your average, run-of-the-mill sunglasses. They boast panoramic vision lenses, which are also coated to cut glare and increase contrast. They’re also scratch-resistant and repel water and dust. Your runs, hikes and cycles will never be the same after getting yourself a pair!

022RW High Contrast Mirror Lens – R1599.99


No matter where you’re exercising or what type of exercise it is – music makes the session! Whether it’s pumping your favourite tunes during a run or jog or playing some calming meditative music for yoga or pilates, make sure you have earphones to set the mood.

Kalenji 500 earphones wireless Bluetooth – black – R499.00


Investing in the right gear means you’re investing in your gains! Remember, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your potential. With Payflex’s “buy now, pay later” payment option, you don’t need to restrict yourself in any way. Simply select the Payflex option at checkout for the items you want, and pay them off over 6 weeks, completely interest-free!