Fitness and Wellness: Buying Nutritional Supplements Online 

Nutritional supplements have experienced exponential growth in recent years as people seek to live healthier lifestyles. From Cacao, Matcha, Collagen and Protein, the world can’t get enough of nutritional supplements for faster weight loss, to treat various ailments, and for glowing, more youthful skin. 

No wonder the global dietary supplements market will be worth $119.16 billion by 2025! And as more shoppers than ever before wake up to the convenience of online shopping, Payflex outlines why buying nutritional supplements online is a really good idea. 

  • Reviews help you shop smarter

It’s always a great idea to read online customer reviews. Honest and unbiased reviews by other users will help provide you with an indication of whether the nutritional supplement you’re considering is right for you.  Moreover, consumer reviews can also help you recognize which products to steer clear from. In addition, they can be instrumental in helping you avoid scams. 

  • Online nutritional supplements = more variety

One of the main reasons why people buy nutritional supplements online is choice. Consumers have access to a far greater variety of options online all in one place. In other words, this means no more missioning to different shops to get everything you need! 

  • You can shop around on price

You can shop around and compare prices for nutritional supplements via various websites, helping to ensure you get the best possible price. In addition, in the increasingly competitive online landscape,  retailers often offer incentives to their customers in the form of daily or weekly special offers. In other words, if timed correctly, consumers can purchase nutritional supplements online at a greatly discounted price. 

Where to buy nutritional supplements online in SA? 

With new supplements popping up left right and centre, the world of nutritional supplements can be a minefield to navigate. To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together a list of the best places to get your nutritional supplements online. Most importantly, you can buy all these products now via our Store Directory and pay in 4. Kickstart your health & wellness journey today! 


Motherkind are Collagen Peptide leaders in intelligent health and nutrition. Edible wellness formulated by nutritional experts and cellular biologists.


Natural Living

Natural Living is a South African brand of superfood supplements, personal and hair care products. The range is made with love and care, using only natural and non-toxic ingredients.

House of CBD

House of CBD offers a wide range of Premium CBD Products from trusted and verified local and international brands.

The Health Nut

An online shop for all your health needs. High quality supplements and remedies to boost immunity.

Best Supplements

Best Supplements help people realize that it is important to understand our bodies needs and then offer the best supplements that nature can offer.  They care for people who suffer from aging, memory loss, immune system disorders, fatigue, and inflammation


Committed to cultivating an improved quality of life, Goodleaf is creating the next generation of wellness rituals, engineered by nature to restore balance. They are a premium CBD brand with a mission to bring you the best products.


Metalab Nutritional Supplements

Metalab creates and sells ultra premium lifestyle supplements.  Above all, their goal is to create the best looking, highest quality products for your lifestyle and muscles so that you can look and feel your best.




CBDstore provide American and European produced, chemical-free, lab-certified CBD hemp oils, vapes, balms, tinctures, chewables, and pet products for delivery anywhere in South Africa.


NeuroActive is a next generation online supplement store based in Johannesburg. Established in 2015, it aims to  awakening the SA market to a new era in brain enhancement and healthy ageing.


OPTMZ is your complete solution to unlocking the high performance potential in you! As a result, they aim to provide you with all the tools, supplements, nutrition and information to assist you in becoming #OPTIMIZED!

Live Lucid 

Live Lucid’s team of passionate pioneers aim to bring a healthy lifestyle choice into the home with bespoke natural medication. For instance, they offer CBD oils for the whole family, beauty products and CBD-infused honey.

Moringa Life

This online store specialises in the sale of Moringa supplements. Moringa extract can be used for virtually anything from anemia, to arthritis and other joint pain (rheumatism). Moreover, it can also be used to reduce swelling, boost the immune system, increase breast milk production and reduce inflammation. 

Gaia Organics

Gaia Organics’ products are based on the rich anti-oxidant and natural anti-aging properties of Organic Green Tea. Moreover, their products feature wild Kelp from our cold Atlantic waters along the West Coast of South Africa.


CannapharmSA  is an online Boutique selling CBD oils, supplements and tinctures. In addition, they will assist you in deciding what the best and most effective CBD products are for you and your loved ones.