Feeling Crafty? Unleash Your Creativity At This Craft Store

Have you been itching to try your hand at craft night? It’s a wonderfully therapeutic practice to learn how to make something with your hands. But, starting is the hardest part! You’ve got your Painting for Dummies manual open to page 1, but you don’t know which craft store to get supplies from.

Payflex has got your back! We’ve rounded up the best craft stores on our site for you to browse for supplies next time you host craft night. If you’re shy about unleashing your creativity, involve your loved ones! Craft night can be a super fun idea for kids at home. Furthermore, a paint-and-sip event always goes down nicely with a group of good friends and a bottle of Merlot.

Paint the town red! Put brush to paper with these paint kits

There are so many ways to let your creative freak flag fly. Let’s start nice and easy with a craft classic: painting. Fun fact: CNA is overlooked and underappreciated as a craft store. You can find almost anything you need for a painting adventure here!

For starters, you can’t go wrong with a set of Dala Craft Paint 150ml for R20 each from CNA. Craft paint can be used on pretty much anything, but proceed with caution. Not all of them are water-soluble. So, lay down some newspaper to protect the furniture and wear an old shirt to be safe.

For a more kid-friendly option, check out this set of 10 Crayola Washable Paints for R220. Any accidents and spills can easily be washed away with water. Your white sofa will thank you.

What’s an artist without a canvas? CNA has got you covered! Shop this pre-stretched Art Board Canvas Panel 18 x 24 for R65. There are plenty more options available online if you’re looking for different sizes.

But, if you’re looking for more direction than just a blank canvas, you might be more interested in these Mould n Paint Cupcakes for R100. The set allows youngsters to mould cupcake fridge magnets out of plaster and then paint them in original designs.

If, however, you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated than fridge magnets, CNA won’t let you down. Why not try your hand at painting a serene Alpine Scene with a Paint By Numbers kit for R115? Go on, Van Gogh!

Jaarn: the unbe-weave-able craft store for crocheters

Jaarn is the one-stop shop for thread heads! If you enjoy crocheting, then this is the craft store for you. Not only do they stock the basics, but they offer crochet kits for a variety of projects.

For example, you could purchase the Bubble Baby Blanket kit for R675. The kit includes 13 balls of yarn and a pattern to follow. By making this for a little one, you are contributing to their enrichment! Different textures, like the little bubbles on this blanket, help develop a baby’s motor skills by giving them something to grip.

It’s a lovely idea to purchase a craft store kit that lets you make something for friends who are expecting. Of course, if you’re looking to learn how to make something for yourself, you might be more taken with this Brighton jersey kit for R513 – R812. Depending on the size of the jersey you want to crochet, the kit will supply as many balls of yarn as are required. The kit also includes a pattern. Bonus: you get to pick your own yarn colours!

If it’s just plain yarn you’re looking for from a craft store, we think that the Nikkim Colour Set is for R585 is the best of the bunch. The set includes no fewer than 72 10g mini-balls of yarn. That’s the full Nikim colour range from local yarn brand, Vinni’s Colours! If you want to get started on anything to do with yarn, this is about the best way to get stuck in.

Get thee to a craft store! Accessories for thread heads

If you’re into knitting, crocheting, sewing, or embroidery, then you’ll be familiar with the thread head’s curse: misplacing a needle. There is nothing more frustrating than jabbing yourself in the elbow with an embroidery needle stuck into the sofa arm for safekeeping. Well, Jaarn craft store has got a solution!

The Basic Needle Wallet for R565 is a clever accessory made entirely from South African leather. It features 12 cleverly crafted pockets to store knitting and darning needles. There’s space for scissors and needle gauges, too. Two inner pockets can be used to store cables and other bits and pieces.

The Triangular Needle Wallet (for R545) is a variation on a theme of craft accessories. Its triangle shape means that it’s optimised for quick access to scissors. Plus, it keeps your craft scissors safe from sneaky hands who try to use them to open packets of cheese and other non-crafty uses. It’s small enough to pop into a project bag, yet features a whopping 9 pockets for the storage of needles and other accessories.

Even if knitting is not really your thing, these craft accessories make for a beautiful and thoughtful gift for the crafty person in your life.


Are you ready to unleash your inner artist without unleashing hell on your bank account? We know the feeling. Craft night is a wonderful way to connect with yourself and with your loved ones, but the cost of supplies can rack up quickly. When you check out with Payflex, you can take your supplies home now and pay them off in four, interest-free instalments over six weeks. Now, that’s artful!