Fashion Alert! Spring Clothes for Kids

The thing with kids’ wardrobes is that they need to be regularly updated. “They grow up so fast” is a caregiver’s most common refrain. That’s why it’s unlikely that last Spring’s outfits will fit this year. But new beginnings are a feature of Spring, and little annoyances are a thing of the past! Indeed, Spring is a time of rejuvenation, sunshine, and outdoor play. Let Spring clothes for kids reflect these wondrous things. We’re here to get your children catwalk (and muddy puddles) ready!

Spring clothes for kids: the latest trends in 2023

Comfortable clothing

When it comes to choosing Spring clothes for kids, your number one priority is comfort. Kids are a lot more sensitive to textures and how clothes make them feel in space. We recommend purchasing a few oversized t-shirts with big sleeves. In terms of footwear, all the rage is slip-on shoes like Crocs, sandals and Birkenstocks.

Cheerful Colours

As always, bright and cheerful colours are a top feature of Spring clothes for kids. This year think yellow and calming pastel hues. Popular shades of yellow include daffodil, primrose, mustard, neon and egg-yolk. You also can’t go wrong with baby blues, muted pinks and gentle greens. 

Playful Patterns

It’s all about vibrant prints in 2023. Yep, eye-catching patterns are dominating the designer children’s clothing scene. Think floral prints, polka dots and animal prints. Tie-dye seems to be making a comeback too! Fashion is amazing, isn’t it?

Timeless Styles

The thing about Spring clothes for kids is that some things never go out of fashion. Your trusty fashion staples include graphic tees, light jerseys, jeans, cargo shorts, denim jackets, and leggings. Remember that takkies never go out of fashion either!

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Must-Have Spring Wardrobe Items for Kids

When buying your kids’ spring outfits from our huge range of Payflex partner stores, think about creating a capsule wardrobe. This is a small collection of clothes that can be put together in different ways and includes everything one would normally need to wear. The aim is to have an outfit suitable for any occasion without owning excessive items of clothing.

When creating a capsule wardrobe for kids, it is recommended to have between 10-14 items of everyday wear. This means each season they need roughly 5-6 tops, 3-4 bottoms, and a dress for girls. It is important to choose clothes intentionally and of high quality. Children should be able to feel independent and ready to play vigorously.

When mixing and matching outfits, it is important to consider the colour scheme and versatility of each item. Neutral colours like white, gray, and beige can be paired with brighter colours or patterns. Additionally, layering is a great way to add versatility to outfits. In Spring, the weather can be unpredictable, so a few warmer items are still important. 

In conclusion

The shift to warmer times is always exciting. Yes, you’ve probably just splurged on school items for the new term or have to save for Christmas. We’ve got you! With Payflex’s flexible payment solutions, you buy now and pay later. You’ll pay 4 installments over 6 weeks, interest free! Ah, time to smell the roses.