Ensuring your online order is delivered correctly

Ensuring your online order is delivered correctly

To be a master online shopper, you could do worse than perfecting the skill of ensuring your online order is delivered correctly. Seems rudimentary but it really isn’t when you’re crying at your front door because you ordered the wrong item or it got delivered to Pretoria…and you live in Cape Town.

Ordering goods should be quick, convenient and hassle-free. But when the wrong item is delivered, or what you were expecting doesn’t match reality, it can be incredibly frustrating.

While as the customer, many of the logistics involving the order are beyond your control, there are certain things you can do to ensure order delivery of the correct items. We’re here to help by giving some tips to ensure your online order is delivered correctly.


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Read reviews

Online reviews of a product should be the first thing you look at when it comes to making a purchase decision.  Nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase, highlighting their importance. So, if you’re one of the 5% who don’t use customer reviews before deciding on a purchase, you need to jump on the bandwagon! Read honest and transparent reviews. It’s an excellent way to provide you with a clearer idea of the product and whether it will be what you expected when you receive it.

Post Code

Often, in our hurry to complete a purchase, we enter the wrong postal code. Providing a correct postal code helps the courier deliver your order to the right address. How often do certain suburbs we pass through have similar street names? If you enter the wrong postal code, and the error is not picked up, your order could be mis-delivered to another suburb.

Register your details

Creating an account on an eCommerce store helps to ensure the retailer has your relevant contact details should something go wrong with the order. Often, shoppers prefer the ease and anonymity involved with guest checkout. However, with this option requiring less personal details from the shopper, they run the risk that if something does go wrong with the order, the retailer or courier might not be able to contact them to try resolve the issue.

Verify your address

If you’re an avid online shopper like us, you will have noticed that many online stores have started to implement address verification systems to validate the customer’s address. This significantly helps to reduce delivery errors and ensures order fulfillment.

Make use of live chats

Live chats have become part and parcel of the shopping experience. It’s one of the best ways in which retailers can ensure customer satisfaction early in the journey. If you have questions or concerns  about an item you are considering purchasing, make use of these live chats to have your questions answered.

Make sure you order from a reputable site

Found an amazing dress online but not sure about the credibility of the site? How many expectation vs reality memes have we seen floating around? The ones depicting peoples’ hilarious online ordering fails via dodgy sites are the best! Lesson of the day. If you’re seeing a red flag, listen to your gut and check that the retailer is trusted and reputable.

Double-check your cart before clicking checkout

This might sound obvious, but it can be incredibly easy to add the wrong item to a cart. Or (even more frustrating) the right item but wrong colour. Then you weep. Make sure you double and triple check your cart before clicking the checkout button. On that note, we actually wrote a guide to help you perfect the art of avoiding online shopping returns.

Interrogate all product specs

Again, in our haste to complete a purchase, how often do we overlook a product’s description and specs, taking for granted that we think we know its size, fit and texture? Make sure you interrogate product specs. Arm yourself with as much information possible to help you make the right decision.