Who Needs December Getaways When You’ve Got December Experiences!

Why is it that we always feel compelled to get away during December? December getaways are fun but, let’s be honest, they cause a lot of stress too! All that planning, research, price checking and date scheduling are enough to give anyone a headache. Why not save yourself all that time and effort and have fun closer to home this year? When last did you take advantage of all the amazing things happening in and around your city? Forget getaways, this year is all about experiences!

Really relaxing experiences

Spend a day at the spa

Treat yourself to the ultimate in relaxation with a spa day. Have some fun, relax and get pampered from head to toe by a team of skilled therapists. Take your partner with you for a romantic day of being stress free. 

Mangwanani African Spas Half Day Spa Package – R699.00

Ease into a yoga retreat 

Yoga is a great way to relax and unwind after a long year, leaving you feeling refreshed and free from tension in a way those frantic December getaways never could. It’s not just a yoga class, it’s an immersive experience that is aimed at relaxing your mind, body and soul. Expect drinks and snacks and a beautiful setting.

Life Retreat Full Day Life Retreat Winelands Experience – R2400.00

Do some art classes

Unleash your creativity with art classes! Have some fun and create something beautiful. It is so rewarding. Learning something new or honing a skill will make you feel good and will be loads of fun. Having a trained art teacher on hand to guide you through the creative process and different mediums will make it more enjoyable and easier to just go with the flow of the class. 

Creative Image Paint Studios 6 x Art Classes – R585.00

Something more exhilarating than December getaways

Go on a quad biking adventure

Adrenaline junkies will love this one. Experience the pure thrill and freedom of riding in the great outdoors. Quad bikes are safe and sturdy and it can be especially fun to do with friends or family in a group. Enjoy a day out in the sunshine, outside, free and having thrilling fun!

WildX Adventures Forest Quad Biking Adventure – R1200.00

Zipline through the trees

Get aerial and try flying through the treetops on a breathtaking zipline adventure. This is another one that is fun for a group of people, so make a day of it with your friends or your family. It’s a great way to have fun outdoors and see the world from a different perspective.

Acrobranch Adventure Park “Big Zip” Weekday Zip Lining Experience – R180.00

Take a quick flight 

If you really love flying, why not take off on a more in depth flight experience in a small aircraft. Be in the pilots seat, so to speak, and take control of your journey and the sights you see. How much cooler does that sound than any run-of-the-mill December getaways? A helicopter trip can also be really fun if you’re wanting to do something with someone else.

African Skyline, Johannesburg, 40-Minute Flight Experience  – R3500.00

Glide through the air

For the thrill seekers out there, paragliding is a go to for some fun. Get a first class seat in the sky when you go tandem paragliding! This is a really great bonding activity for friends to go on together. 

Tom’s Instructional Tandems Tandem Paragliding Flight Experience – R1350.00

Who Even Needs December Getaways?

The only December getaways you need this year are the ones that thrill, delight and entertain you on your doorstep! So why not spoil yourself and unwind with some unforgettable experiences? Even if you have zero interest in getting outdoors, there’s always things like board games and books to keep you occupied over the festive season. If you have zero interest in paying more for your experiences though, make sure you pay using Payflex for your adventures. We make fun so much more affordable!