Corporate Gift Boxes: How to Impress Your Clients and Colleagues

There’s nothing better than receiving a package in the post. When you surprise your clients with corporate gift boxes, you benefit from this exchange as much as they do. A thoughtfully curated package personalised to your client’s tastes is a great way to build customer loyalty. It’s also a way to leave a lasting impression and cement a professional relationship. This blog explores types of corporate gift boxes and how to build them up tastefully.

Types of corporate gift boxes

Clients like to be wowed. It’s important to be original to stand out. Luckily, corporate gift boxes come in various iterations.

Themed gift boxes

These gift boxes are curated around a specific theme, such as wellness, self-care, or gourmet food. Items to include snacks, spa products and wine. 

Branded corporate gift boxes

A great way to leave a lasting impression is to customise corporate gift boxes with your company’s logo and other brand identifiers. Useful items like pens and handy office supplies are great gifts. You may want to add branded merchandise and a few budget-friendly tech gadgets.

Luxury gift boxes

If you’re able to splurge, consider luxury corporate gift boxes. Think of adding high-end items like luxury watches, designer bags and fine wines.

Personalised gift boxes

If you know your client fairly well, why not consider items that they would find personally meaningful? You could also put some feelers out there to understand what would really tickle their fancy. 

On this note, why not write a note to your client, and establish an emotional connection to them.

Virtual event gift boxes

With the rise of virtual events, virtual event gift boxes can be a great way to show appreciation to attendees. These gift boxes can include items like snacks, drinks, and branded merchandise.

Seasonal gift boxes

Seasonal gift boxes can be a great way to show appreciation during holidays or special occasions. These gift boxes can include items like seasonal snacks, decorations, or gifts.

Project Completion gift boxes

When a major project is successfully completed, send out gift boxes to the clients involved. These gift boxes can include items that represent the project’s success and the team’s hard work. 

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Corporate gift box trends in 2023

Tapping into the latest gift box trends will certainly up your gifting game! In 2023, gift box trends and themes include sustainability, intentional and personalised gifts, non-alcoholic drinks and mocktail kits, corporate social responsibility, experiential gifts (like a day at the spa, for example), and digital gift cards.


Companies are looking for eco-friendly and sustainable gift options that align with their values.

Intentional and thoughtful gifts

In 2023, corporate swag is becoming less common, and companies are opting for more intentional and thoughtful gifts.


Personalised company gifts, custom gift boxes, and handwritten thank-you notes are becoming more popular.

Non-alcoholic drinks and mocktail kits

Non-alcoholic drinks and mocktail kits are a trending gift option in 2023

Corporate social responsibility

 Companies are looking for gifts that align with their values and showcase their commitment to social responsibility.

Digital gift cards

Digital gift cards are a popular trend in 2023. They provide more flexibility for the recipients to choose their own gifts based on their wants and needs.

Buying Corporate Gift Boxes in South Africa

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