Just Breathe…Strategies to Make Your Online Christmas Shopping a Breeze

Christmas time. Either the best time or the worst time of the year, depending on how you feel about it. Regardless of how you feel about the festive cheer, the bright decorations and the jolly music, chances are you’ve got Christmas shopping to do. Buying gifts you hope friends and family will like can be a stressful experience for everyone. Thankfully, online shopping has made the gift-buying hunt much more convenient. If you’re planning on shopping from the comfort of your couch, here are some key tips for getting your online Christmas shopping in the bag (pun intended!).

Payflex’s Guide To A Stress-Free Christmas Shopping Experience

Start with a list

All great shopping experiences start with a well-crafted list. Make a list of the people you want to buy presents for and budget how much you want to spend per person. Don’t forget to add friends and coworkers to the list so you don’t have to double back and do multiple shops.

The sooner the better

No one likes rushing at the last minute to find that perfect gift for a loved one. Rather start as early as possible to avoid any unnecessary stress. Online stores often start running special offers and discounts from the beginning of November. Black Friday and Cyber Monday in particular are the ideal days for hunting for a few early-bird Christmas shopping bargains .

Have a gift game plan in mind

Wondering from store to store in the mall to gift shop is one thing. Endlessly browsing online stores is another. You’re far more likely to get distracted when online and may end up making non-gift-related impulse purchases. Avoid losing time and your focus by having a general idea of the type of gift you want to get each person. Then hone in on finding relevant online stores.

Double Check Delivery Dates and Return Policies

If you’re doing your Christmas shopping right around the corner from Christmas, watch out for shipping and delivery dates. You don’t want to buy a present that will only arrive after the festive season. Likewise, if you’re doing your gift shopping early, check if there’s a return policy and what the cut-off date is, in case someone wants to exchange their gift.

Be a Savvy Shopper

Just because you’re doing Christmas shopping for other people, it doesn’t mean it can’t benefit you! Try to shop at online stores that offer rewards, cash-back or points for every purchase made. Shops with flexible payment options are especially useful if you’re doing a big gift haul. For instance, Payflex’s Buy Now, Pay Later option at all participating stores allows you to purchase instantly, paying off the amount over 6 weeks, completely interest-free!

Remember Christmas only comes once a year. With a little careful planning, you can be everyone’s favourite gift-giver! Have fun and happy shopping!