Christmas in July: Why you need to ‘saleabrate’ 

Christmas in July is without question one of the most wonderful times of the year.  It is a time where there are great sales and deals. And with cooler temperatures across South Africa, a time to cosy up to the fire and layer up in our favourite winter gear. 

And while Santa Claus may not be coming down the chimney for another few months, it is the perfect time to get prepared for the Festive Season.  We put together some essential Christmas in July shopping tips to make sure you have a stress-free holiday season. 

Make a shopping list 

Selecting the best gift for your friends and family for Christmas is a task that usually takes a lot of time. And when you don’t feel pressure to buy the perfect gift within a month or a week’s time, there’s more time to think of a thoughtful present.

 Therefore, starting your Christmas shopping in July is the best way to select the best gift for your loved ones and friends. A Christmas list helps you keep track of the gifts you need to buy and the gifts you purchase. When making out your list, identify how many people you will be buying for. Don’t forget to include the extras including colleague gifts, teacher gifts or anything out of the ordinary other than family. Moreover, because Christmas is full of costs beyond presents, add decorations and wrapping material to your list as well. 

Create a budget

Make a budget and stick to it. Even if it’s quite vague, try and get a rough idea of what you plan to spend. What’s more, when you start buying Christmas gifts earlier in the year, it’s easier to plan and track how much you are spending. 

Get what you need now, pay later

 In 2020, the average consumer expected to spend approximately $850 dollars on Christmas gifts. This is quite a lot of money to spend in one month.  Therefore, spreading costs over a longer time period will lighten the all-at-once expense.  Yes, you may end up spending the same, but it won’t be all at once.  Opt for flexible payment methods like Payflex’ part-payment platform which enables shoppers to get what they need now and only pay later interest-free.

Hunt for the best prices

 Christmas in July is known to offer excellent mid-year deals and discounts which makes it an ideal time to kick-off your Festive Season shopping. Moreover, by starting your shopping now, you have more time to shop around for the best price. Whether it’s comparing prices or reading reviews, doing your research is essential. Price comparison websites like Pricecheck can help you source the best deal. 

Have Christmas wrapped up early

Leaving your shopping until the last minute should be the last thing that you want to do, especially if you like putting thought and effort into your gifts. Therefore, Christmas in July is the perfect time to get a head start on your holiday preparations and beat the Christmas rush. What’s more, you’ll avoid stock shortages, delivery delays, and crowds, if you choose to shop in-store. And if you have other occasions lined up like birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations, make sure you stock up on some incredible Christmas in July deals on everything from electronics, to homeware, and fashion. Happy shopping!