Unconventional Christmas Gift Ideas to Make You the Talk of the Christmas Table

While Christmas is a special time of the year, it usually comes with gifts we can’t wait to take back to the store. Boring, uninspired sweaters, candles and glass bowls tend to trend around Christmas time, and we all have to smile and pretend like we don’t have half a dozen of them already! At Payflex we say no. more. boring. gifts! With help from our list of offbeat Christmas gift ideas, you’ll be a hit at the Christmas table. Or at the very least you’ll be talked about… which is better than nothing, right?

Gift Ideas For The Home

Who says home decor gifts have to be boring?! Show off your creativity with these rather unconventional Christmas gift ideas for someone’s home. Nothing says “I love you” like a carnivorous plant or a skull-shaped plant holder. Trust us, they’ll love them…we think.

Venus Fly Trap “Jaws” – R200.00

Mini Vending Machine – R299.00

Acacia Bonsai Growing Kit – R285.00

Skull-shaped Planter – R299.00

Vape and Smoke Gift Ideas

Have an adult friend or family member who enjoys smoking? Why not give them a gift they’ll actually  use instead of another ornament or photo frame that will sit around collecting dust. These vape and smoke Christmas gift ideas will put you in a gift-giving league of your own.

OXVA XLIM POD KIT Vape Device (25W) – R450.00

Dr. Vapes The Panther Series – Gold 120ml – R280.00

CBD E-liquid 200mg – R480.00

Egyptian Hookah Large Pipe – R400.00

Adults Only Christmas Gift Ideas

If you’re a fan of stirring the pot, why not make Christmas day especially awkward with some adult-themed Christmas presents? Just make sure the little ones have left the table first and gone to play with their new presents before giving them out. Go on, give your friends and loved ones a Christmas they’ll never forget (no matter how much they try).

LoveToy FETISH Pleasure Fluffy Handcuffs – R295.00

FeelzToys Desi Weighted Kegel Balls – R425.00

LoveToy Ultra Soft Platinum Cure Silicone Double C-Ring – R195.00

Discover Your Lover Classic Edition Boardgame – R865.00

Life’s too short to give a gift that sucks!

Feeling inspired from our list of Christmas gift ideas? With help from Payflex’s buy now, pay later flexible payment system, you have no excuse not to give a memorable gift this Christmas. Remember, you get what you give, so be sure to expect some interesting gifts to be coming your way next Christmas. Have fun and don’t forget to catch their reaction on video!