Choosing and Styling Outdoor Furniture: Create your Oasis

With South Africa’s gorgeous weather, it’s no wonder people want to maximise their time outdoors. What’s better than absorbing some Vitamin D on your patio with a warm cup of coffee? Or entertaining your nearest and dearest around your long farm table? Gone are the days when ‘living’ or hosting were confined indoors. It’s why there’s been an uptick in designing and curating outdoor areas that ‘flow’ into the rest of the house. We’ll guide you through the latest outdoor space trends, including the ins and outs of outdoor furniture.

Who knows, maybe your space will be featured in a high-end decor magazine?

Curating your space with outdoor furniture

Imagine ordering that signature piece of outdoor furniture that doesn’t fit. Yes, those couches look spectacular on the showroom floor. But before you take the leap, measure your outdoor space. Your square meterage is your starting point. Assess your available space and go from there.

Meanwhile, climate is a significant factor when deciding how to curate your outdoor space. Is there a windchill factor in winter? Strategically placed blinds may hold off the cold. You could also place an outdoor heater in the right spot!

Types of outdoor furniture

Our homes are reflections of who we are. How do we translate our ideas into reality without feeling overwhelmed? Let’s start with the most common types of outdoor furniture.

Patio Dining Sets

Patio dining sets are designed for outdoor dining and include a table and chairs. Fancy a small bistro set up or a long, luxurious table and benches? What’s key is comfort. Consider tasteful cushions and upholstery. If you live in a hot climate, consider umbrellas or canopies.

Outdoor Sofas and Lounge Sets

If you have some space, or better yet, a splash pool, outdoor lounge sets are a great idea! However, outdoor sofas can fit into smaller spaces. Consider sectional sofas, loveseats and fitted side tables.

Outdoor Chairs and Seating Options

Outdoor chairs and seating options are available in various styles and designs. Think lounge chairs, Adirondacks, rocking chairs, hammocks and armchairs. The material used is essential. Wood, metal, plastic or wicker are excellent outdoor furniture options. 

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Outdoor Tables and Side Furniture

These include outdoor tables and side furniture. Think coffee tables, side tables, and console tables. 

Exploring styles and themes for your outdoor spaces

When choosing the right look and feel for your outdoor space, the world is your oyster. Let’s look at a few popular styles.

Modern and Contemporary Outdoor Furniture

Sleek, clean lines and minimalistic designs are the hallmarks of this style. Consider glass, metal and synthetic materials to create a modern look. Make your space even better with a glass-topped outdoor dining set. Overall, you can’t go wrong with clean lines and neutral colours. 

Rustic and Natural Designs

Plants, plants, plants. They’re all the rage these days. Match your garden of Eden with a wooden outdoor dining set or a wicker outdoor sofa. Wood, wicker and natural fibres are great for a rustic outdoor space.

Coastal and Nautical Themes

Even if you don’t have that dream beach villa yet, consider creating the vibe! Consider wicker, rope, and white and blue colours. Did someone say hammock?

Bohemian and Eclectic Vibes

You can have much fun with a bohemian theme in your outdoor space. Consider elements like rattan, colourful textiles and mixed patterns. Finish it with colourful throw pillows and a mix-and-match set of outdoor chairs.

Traditional and Classic Looks

Traditional and classic styles are timeless and elegant, perfect for creating a sophisticated outdoor space. Popular materials include wrought iron, wood and classic patterns. You could also get a wrought-iron outdoor dining set with a traditional patterned tabletop or a wooden outdoor bench with elegant curves. 

Styling your outdoor space

Now that you have a few themes narrowed down, let’s get down to styling considerations. The trick is to balance functionality with aesthetics.

Mixing and Matching Outdoor Furniture Pieces

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles and materials. Add cushions and throw pillows for both comfort and style.

Incorporating Accessories and Outdoor Décor

Think colourful outdoor rugs, lanterns, side tables, and cosy ottomans. For extra ambience, try clever placement of outdoor lighting.  To enhance the outdoor decor.

Adding Greenery with Plants and Potted Gardens

There’s nothing more relaxing than having an abundance of nature. And you can create it in your outdoor space! Consider using trendy high-design planters. Remember to choose plants and flowers suited to your climate and lighting conditions. 

Choosing the best outdoor furniture stores

There are many places where you can get your outdoor furniture game on! Remember to review customer feedback and ratings. There are many options out there: compare prices and warranty options.

Now that we’ve whet your appetite and piqued your design curiosity, you’ll want to head to the shops immediately. If you’re on a tight budget, we’ve got you covered. Buy now and pay later with Payflex.