Brew-ti-ful Coffee Gifts You’ll Love a Latte!

If you, like us, love coffee as much as you love puns, then you’re going to really enjoy this blog! Pour yourself a fresh one, because we’re going to get into the best coffee gifts money can buy for the not-so-average (cuppa) Joe.

Espresso your love with a thoughtful coffee gift

Is there anything more romantic than bringing your partner a freshly brewed cup of coffee in bed first thing in the morning? That’s a coffee gift in itself! For the caffeinated couple, the best gift might be this classic two-cup Venus Bialetti Moka Pot for R800 from BUNA Coffee. Bialetti is a household name that you can trust to bring you quality stovetop products that brew delicious coffee for a lifetime.

On the other hand, if a French press is more to your beloved’s taste, then check out this Brew Tool Coffee Plunger in Polished Stainless Steel for R594. The modern design and polished finish make this coffee gift an essential addition to any contemporary kitchen. It makes a mean cuppa to boot!

Coffee gifts for the office

We all know the deal with office coffee…just because it’s free, doesn’t make it worth it. You could bring the gift of deliciously brewed bean elixir to your office with this JURA ENA 4 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine for R15,999. This easy-to-use caffeine machine is sure to get every member of your office smiling and revving to smash their deliverables.

If a brand new coffee machine is not in the budget for this quarter, your employees will thank you for buying them these Costa Rica Smooth ‘n Easy beans for R260 from Coffee Crazy. This blend is ideal for all-day drinking. Perfect for the caffeine habits of office workers!

Gifts for your barista-level bestie

We’ve all got that one friend who is, like, really into their coffee. Like, they pull their own espresso shots from a machine at home and say things like, “The floral notes in this blend are truly delightful.” We’re not here to judge their commitment to caffeine, though. We’re just here to offer good coffee gifts that will make them light up inside (and pour us a homemade cappuccino).

To start, if your friend brews with a touch of flair you can’t go wrong with this Brew Tool Frothing Jug 600ml – Rainbow for R399. It’s the accessory they need to froth that milk into velvety perfection!

For the true coffee connoisseur, you might want to consider buying a beautiful pour-over setup like this Hario V60 Buono Drip Kettle, which comes in a gorgeous copper colour, for R3,499.

Now, for the barista bestie who approaches their morning brew with shrewd, scientific accuracy, then look no further than this titillating Scientific Coffee Brewer from Emunah Rooted for R1,799.

Home, brew! Coffee gifts for the fam

Dads are difficult to buy for. Unless, of course, you have a coffee dad! In that case, you’ll make his day with a filter coffee machine with a built-in timer, like this Severin Filter Coffee Machine with Timer for R1,699. The machine is equipped with an AromaSwitch so that he can choose between a strong coffee in the morning and a milder blend for the afternoons. Furthermore, the digital clock with timer function means that dad can wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee every morning.

However, if mum is the real caffeine queen in your household, give her this stunning coffee Gift Box with Bialetti from Heavenly Coffees for R1,550. The beautiful wooden box is packed with a six-cup Bialetti Venus and a selection of three coffee varieties, ground especially for stovetop brewing. Brilliant for book club or for when all the kids comes round to visit her!

Get your brew on with Payflex

Whatever your caffeinated preferences might be, there’s no reason to break the bank getting your fix! With Payflex’s “Buy Now, Pay Later” payment option, you can bring home the beans without all the fuss and pay it off in 4 interest-free instalments over 6 weeks. Go on, get your daily grind (literally) to mocha that Monday morning more bearable!