Essential home workout gear for the CrossFit Open

As the CrossFit Games Open draws closer and kicks into full (kettlebell) swing, hundreds of thousands of athletes across the world are preparing to master their movements. 

Dubbed the biggest sporting competition on earth, the CrossFit Open is a time of year where competitors can put their fitness to the test and see how they compare to other athletes worldwide – whether you have been training hard for the entire year, or are just doing it for fun.

Importantly, the open is a way for individuals to really test themselves against the world and make big improvements on fitness goals.

This year’s Open, which kicks off on 11 March, will be the most accessible in CrossFit history with flexible options for participants to compete either at their local gym or at home. For instance, for athletes competing at home, there are two divisions to Open workouts from home: basic equipment and equipment-free.

If you’ve chosen the home equipment option you will require some essential equipment. Below you’ll find everything you need to participate in this year’s CrossFit open. In addition, you can buy what you need now via the Payflex Store Directory, and only pay later in 4 interest-free instalments. 

  1. Dumbbells

Rebel Rubber Hexagonal Dumbbells – R239 – R3509

Two Tier Dumbbell Rack – R6475

   2. Barbells and Plates

Rebel Power Lifting Barbell – R2595.95

Barbell Pump Set – R2550


Rebel Safety Barbell – R2329

Rebel Velocity Barbell 2.0 – R7186

WOD Barbell 2.0 – R3535 – R3735

Rebel WOD Barbell 2.1 – R3780 – R3809

Rebel Gymnasium Barbel 20kg – R2149

Cluster Calibrated Steel Plates – R499 – R1129

Rubber Coated Steel Weight Plates – R149 – R1199

Spoke Bumper Plates – R979


      3. Plyo Box

 Safety Foam Plyo Box Set – R1425 – R3149

Plyometric Jump Box – R3895

Rebel 3 Tier Trapezium Plyo Box -R1439

 3-Way Plyo Box – R1785

Rebel 3-Way Foam Coated Plyo Box – R3095

    4.  Jump Rope

Rebel Enduromax 2.0 Jump Rope Long Black Handle – R225

 5. A Pull-up Location

Above Door Pull Up Bar – R1425

Wall Mounted Elite Pull Up Rig – R1765

Rebel Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar – R1595

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar – R929

Pull up Bar Foldable Design – R3150

Understanding the ins & outs of the CrossFit Open

Each week, for three weeks, CrossFit releases a workout. As a result of the pandemic, the competition takes place remotely, with participants from around the world submitting video recorded workouts (held up to specific standards). Participants then have seven days to complete the workout and upload their scores.

This year’s CrossFit open is designed to be accessible to everyone from beginners to professionals across all ages, backgrounds, and levels of fitness —that means YOU can do it. In addition, it’s a nice way to track your fitness progress year over year.

Therefore, whether you are brand new to fitness or consider yourself a pro Crossfitter,  it is not too late to change your mind! Above all, it will be the ultimate learning experience. Ready to drink the cool aid? Find out more information on the CrossFit Open here: