Be The Scent-er of Attention With These Affordable Fragrances

What brings together the perfect outfit, fabulous hairdo and make up that is just too on fleek? The perfect scent! Finding your signature scent will create an experience for the senses and to do that, we have put together some of the most popular and affordable fragrances that will make you feel like a queen when you become the center of attention.

Affordable Fragrances You Just Have To Try

Teaology Black Rose Tea (100 ml)

While usually enjoyed as a beverage, tea isn’t just for drinking but can be used to create elegant fragrances and none more so than Black Rose Tea by Teaology. This fresh fragrance brings together a harmony of woody and floral notes that the world of tea has inspired. The bouquet is rich with notes of rose infused with tea with a touch of blackcurrant and mandarin. To finish, the velvet scents of white woods and musk bring this masterpiece together. 

Not only does it smell phenomenal, but the rose and vitamin E extracts make this perfume a revitalising beauty treatment.

Teaology Black Rose Tea (100 ml) – R769,00

Dior Hypnotic Poison (100ml)

If you plan to use a scent for seduction, Dior’s Hypnotic Poison will leave your target mesmerised in your wake with its powerful use of absolutes. The sultry charm of sambac jasmin absolute entwined with a kiss of orange blossom absolute wrapped in a silk blanket of provocative tonka bean. To finish off the allure, a combination of vanilla and notes of liquorice to take the night away. This fragrance is sure you turn heads and make you the center of their attention.

Dior Hypnotic Poison (100ml) – R 625.00

Rose Oud Perfume (50 ml)

A whimsical, spellbound mesh of experiences for women inspired by treasured ingredients, the Rose Oud Perfume will leave you intoxicated by its fragrance. This 100% vegan perfume builds its allure on the harmonious notes of peonies and pink roses that come together with a subtle Oud wood note. This fragrance stays true to the ancient art of perfume making while still maintaining a velvet touch with Peru balm that unveils the soft undertones of amber merrily mixed with the undertones of the pink roses.

Rose Oud Perfume (50 ml) – R995.00

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