Affordable indoor golf putting gear you can buy for your home

Putting is one of the most important parts of a golfer’s game. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be on the golf course or at the driving range to stay on top of your game. And while a putting mat is not going to completely match the green you play, some of the mats on the market come pretty close. If you’re looking to improve or keep your golf  game on point, Payflex outlines some affordable indoor putting gear you can buy for your home. 

Golf Putting Mats/Chipping Greens

Indoor golf greens are great way to keep up the practice and make sure you don’t forget any of those skills you have worked so hard for. 

Golf Gear Return Putting Mat – R899.99


Perfect Practice Putting Mat – R4999.99


Golf Gear Chip N Drive Matt – R499.99


PuttOUT Putting Mat – R1999.99

FORB Professional Golf Putting Mat – R22424.99

Golf Gear Chipping Mat – R349.99


SKLZ Accelerator Pro Putting Matt – R1299.99

FORB Home Golf Putting Mat – R1749.00


PGM Slope-Adjust Auto-Return Golf Putting Mat Extra Long – R879


FORB Professional Golf Putting Mat – R7774.00


Golf Gear Battery Putting Cup – R249.99


World of Golf Driving & Chipping Mat 

Practice Nets

Turn your home into a practice area with the a golf practice net.

Rukket Haack Hitting Net – R2499.99

World of Golf Hitting Net R1499.99

Callaway Chipping Shot Net – R799.99


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