8 Liquor Delivery Services You Need to Know About

Now that the heavier lockdown restrictions have lifted, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone not in the mood for some good, old-fashioned fun. For some of us, that includes cracking open a cold beer or popping a bottle of wine open to enjoy with family and friends. If you don’t have time to head to the bottle store, or can’t be bothered with queues, never fear: liquor delivery is here! For all your drink needs, check out these eight online liquor stores that deliver straight to your door.

1. Thirst

Kicking off our list today is Thirst. An established favourite in the liquor delivery space, Thirst offers a wide array of beers, ciders, wines, and spirits. On top of this, it also has a range of services available such as full bar service, cocktails on tap and even a mobile bubbly-on-tap tuk-tuk! To top it all, they offer free delivery for orders over R1000.00. What could be better?!

2. Wine Not Store

Wine Not specialises in everything under the sun, offering wines, whiskeys, spirits, cocktail ingredients as well as mixers and soft drinks. They also offer free delivery for orders of R1000 and more, so all the more reason to make sure you’re well-stocked!

3. Liquor.co.za Liquor Delivery

Liquor.co.za is perfectly summarised by its name, it focuses on all things liquor! An established go-to for fast and reliable service, Liquor also offers a wide range of alcohol at wallet-friendly rates, with daily specials running. The best part? They deliver straight to your door.

4. Copper Wines

Specialising in bespoke craft wins and gins, Copper Wines heeds the call of every liquor drinker with discerning taste. Copper partners with a range of small, boutique wine, gin, and rum producers to offer a tailored range of curated drinks. They deliver nationwide so there’s no reason not to host a special wine or gin tasting in your own home.

5. Hello Heita Liquor Delivery

Hello Heita is a premier stockist of Skinny Premium Lager, a game-changing beer. Naturally gluten-free and vegan, Skinny also boasts only 0.9% carbs without a loss of full flavour. Beer enthusiasts rejoice! You can now enjoy a delicious, full-bodied beer without the carbo-load.

6. Ukhamba Beerworx

In Zulu, ukhamba is a clay pot that traditional African beer is drunk out of. Taking inspiration from its cultural roots, Ukhamba offers a delicious, proudly African beer. Offering nationwide delivery and 1-2 day shipping, you can enjoy a true taste of Africa in your home.

7. Norman Goodfellows

Fine wine and spirits are the focus of Norman Goodfellows. Shop a range of curated whiskeys, gins, bubbly and beers. NGF (as they’re affectionally known) deliver locally and internationally. Gift wrapping services are also available if you’re buying liquor for a special someone.

8. MotherCity Liquor Delivery

Despite what the name suggests, MotherCity Liquor delivers nationwide. For variety and inspiration, look no further than MotherCity. From curated beer and wine boxes to classic drinking board games, MC has everything you need.


While we’re all for having fun, please remember to enjoy alcohol responsibly. When it comes to settling the bill, Payflex has got you covered. Select the Payflex “Buy now, pay later” option at checkout and you can pay for your purchase over 4 interest-free instalments. Cheers to that!