5 Must Haves to While Away the Hours of Load Shedding

Winter is coming. That means more load shedding so we thought we’d round up some must-haves for load shedding this year.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re sitting at home and load shedding strikes. The power on your laptop is draining at a rapid speed. It won’t survive the next hour because you forgot to charge it. There goes your plan for Netflix and chill. You slump into a depression on the couch and your phone has lost all signal. The roaring of your neighbour’s generator adds to the sombreness.

What can we do to keep our insanity at bay when there’s no electricity? Here are five activities from our favourite online stores to keep you entertained while the clock counts down. 

Now we’re cooking!

There’s no need to ruin your diet by ordering takeout. You can still make a healthy meal in the dark. Firelighters and tongs at the ready – ons gaan nou braai! Invite some friends or your neighbours over (obviously not the ones with the generator, they’re fine) because misery loves company. Anything that attracts company is definitely a must-have for load shedding. 

If you can’t have a braai it’s always a good idea to invest in a portable gas stove, they’re affordable and take up minimal space. Remember to keep your gas canister stocked up for those pesky electricity-free days. Did someone say glamping in the city?

It’s time for some rivalry

Board games of any kind are the quintessential must-have for load shedding. You know you have a pack of cards somewhere in a drawer or the Monopoly board set collecting dust on the shelf begging to be played once again. So now is the best time to claim your crown as the board game grandmaster while keeping the kids and yourself entertained.

If you’re adults and want to make this a little more exciting, strip Go-Fish might just head into the Netflix and Chill plans you had before Eskom struck. Bored to death of the standard-issue board games? Raru has a wide range of games available.

Catch up on some reading

Never have the time to attend to the stack of books piling up on your nightstand? Well now is the chance. Disconnect yourself from the world literally, snuggle up with your battery-operated lamp in bed or on the couch and immerse yourself in the pages. Not only will you feel better, but time will fly. That’s exactly why you can’t have a must-have for load shedding list without books. 

Get to stepping!

There is no excuse not to work on your New Year’s resolutions to beat the flab when the power goes out. Take a walk around your neighbourhood if it’s not too dark outside (remember safety first). Resistance bands also offer a great full-body workout without leaving the comfort of your home. These nifty exercise bands are available at Berrie Fitness and you can pay for them in four easy interest-free payments using yours truly 😊.

Take some time out

What could be better than taking a candlelit bath with bubbles as you ease away the stress of the day? There’s always time to practice some self-care and get your face mask on – gents this goes for you too! Your skin will thank you for it. Check out Gaia Organics for some cruelty-free beauty products to help you.

The ultimate Must-have for load shedding, sleep.

When all else fails, catch up on some much needed zzz’s, the hum of all your electronics gaining life will gently rouse you from your slumber. With the right frame of mind and the right gear by your side, load shedding can be used as a break from the daily rat race (don’t worry, we still hate it too but we are the eternal optimists).